Vacuum cleaners are one of the greatest inventions of modern cleaning technology that have made life easier for people worldwide.

Vacuum cleaners have become so common that most houses have one of them. Vacuum cleaners, like all household items, need to be taken care of so that they last long, given that buying a new one can cost a lot, therefore you want to keep yours as long as you can.

There are a number of steps to take to make sure your vacuum cleaner lasts long, some of which are as follows:

Use it for recommended surfaces only: When you look at the packaging of most vacuum cleaners, there will be instructions on what types of surfaces to use the vacuum on.

Some vacuum cleaners are for multiple surfaces and can be used on a variety of surfaces while others are only to be used on certain surfaces such as tiles, rugs or wooden surfaces.

Many people tend to ignore these guidelines and use the vacuum cleaner for any surface they see fit and see these instructions as mere recommendations.

These instructions are there for a reason and are given by the manufacturer to make sure the vacuum is used for the right purpose and lasts long.

Use responsibly: While a vacuum uses suction to remove dirt, most vacuums are not all-purpose to be used for everything.

As with surfaces, there will be instructions either on the packaging or in an accompanying pamphlet detailing the types of dirt and particles that the vacuum is to be used to remove.

Many people do not read these instructions at all and end up using the vacuum to remove all manner of particles, in some cases including small stones around the house, liquids and so on, ignoring the fact that every vacuum has its own specific function and these particles could damage them.

Replace broken parts:  When a vacuum begins showing signs of damage to any of its parts, it is important to have the part replaced or repaired.

There are sites such as Spares2you Uk that sell vacuum spare parts such as karcher spare parts that can be used to replace faulty parts instead of giving up on it and having to buy a new one.

It is important that you do not try to use your vacuum while it has a part damaged as you risk damaging the vacuum further.

Service and clean: Vacuum maintenance is perhaps one of the best things you can do to ensure that it lasts long.

While it is used to keep places clean, it also has to be cleaned. Empty the storage bag on time and periodically wipe down the neck of the vacuum. Clean any dirt or dust that gets trapped in tiny corners of the vacuum to prevent dust build-up.

Have your vacuum serviced from time to time to make sure it is in good condition and functioning properly.


Vacuums can be an absolute joy to have when trying to keep a home clean. To have your vacuum last long and avoiding a replacement, follow the steps above and take very good care of it.