Bankruptcy lawyers have done specialization in bankruptcy laws. Filing a bankruptcy lawsuit may sound easy but the procedure involves several complications that are beyond the understanding of the laymen. Therefore, if you are to file a bankruptcy lawsuit, seeking the help of a general practitioner is a bad idea. Only a bankruptcy lawyer in Toledo having skill and experience in this area can offer you invaluable advice and guidance.

Bankruptcy cases involve several interrelated principles. Therefore, even a single error can cost you dearly. Most lawyers are not willing to accept a bankruptcy case unless they don’t have a regular practice in this particular niche of law. Go through the blog to learn how to find a suitable bankruptcy lawyer to deal with your case.

Group Legal Plans

If you have enrolled your name for a plan that offers free or low-cost legal advice and it covers bankruptcy, it can be your first stop to look for the best bankruptcy lawyer.

Personal Referrals

Do you know someone who has experience of undergoing bankruptcy process? If yes, he is the best person to provide with you some good references for bankruptcy lawyers. Also talk to your family members, office colleagues, friends, and neighbors for references. If you know a lawyer, he might recommend a good bankruptcy attorney.

Lawyer-Referral Panels

You can get the names of the local bankruptcy lawyers from many county bar associations. However, you should remember that bar associations never screen the attorneys. Therefore, you should check out the skill, experience, and credibility of the lawyer recommended by the bar association.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid provides legal assistance in several areas. A few offices deal with bankruptcies and most don’t handle such cases. Legal Aid, which is designed for low-income people, is partially funded by the Federal Legal Services Corporation. Most probably, it’s for a Chapter 7 filer to get help. Only a few Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers are likely to qualify.

Legal Clinics

Many law schools, which sponsor legal clinics, offer free legal advice to anyone seeking the help from a bankruptcy attorney. Some legal clinics offer free services to people with low-income ceiling whereas others have income requirements the same as Legal Aid.

Online Directories

The Internet is a good source of information. Here, you can find anything with a click of a mouse. You can easily find lists of bankruptcy attorneys online. You will get required information from a useful directory, including lawyers’ philosophy on client representation, case types handled by them and fees. Nolo’s lawyer directory (at is a reliable source to start with. Another website to seek correct information about the members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys is

Wrapping Up!

Regardless of the source where you find a good bankruptcy lawyer, it is up to you to check the details about the professional before hiring. Skill and experience matter a lot. An experienced lawyer has a track record of handling different types of bankruptcy cases. It’s equally important to find out how many cases the lawyer has successfully represented as it raises your hope that the professional will be able to bring you some respite with his astuteness and commitment.