For many decades, throughout all social settings and contexts, tobacco cigarettes have dominated the scene for increasing the poise of its consumers and providing stress relief. However, as recent studies have found, tobacco cigarettes can present adverse health effects, including an increased risk of cancer in both the users of the tobacco and also in those around tobacco users.

So what is the solution to this predicament? How does a regular cigarette user maintain the stress relieving effects of a cigarette without the dangers of tobacco? The answer is simple: the electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette. E-cigarettes have been available on the market since the early 2000s and have since continued to be improved upon in design, effectiveness, and safety. Why should you consider the e-cigarette as an alternative to a regular tobacco cigarette? Here are a few key benefits that can be enjoyed when you make the switch.

No Tobacco

The most obvious benefit of e-cigarettes is the absence of tobacco. Many e-cigarettes maintain a dose of nicotine, making the transition easier for smokers, but are free of any tobacco. Tobacco cigarettes have long been known to introduce more than 40 known carcinogens to the bodies of tobacco cigarette smokers. These carcinogens have been shown to cause numerous health problems. Without a tobacco presence in e-cigarettes, the risk of cancer and other related illnesses decreases significantly, making e-cigarettes a healthier alternative to the tobacco cigarette. The absence of tobacco also decreases the cosmetic effects of tobacco, such as poor complexion and the yellowing of teeth.

Better Accommodation

You may have noticed signs in stores and outdoor centres forbidding smoking on the premises. Or perhaps a friend or family member has requested you step outside when you need to smoke. Well, another benefit of the e-cigarette is its social acceptability. Thanks to its lack of tobacco, e-cigarettes give off a better smell that doesn’t stay in one’s hair, clothes, or furniture. You can even customise the smell based on the brand or e-liquids that you buy. Without the added health risks associated with second-hand tobacco smoke, smoking e-cigarettes in public can be proven to be much more preferred than the smoke of a tobacco cigarette.

Economical and User-Friendly

What else is better about e-cigarettes than tobacco ones? They’re cheaper, of course. When you buy reusable e-cigarettes, your e-cigarette can last much longer than the package of tobacco ones you buy at the store. When you buy an e-cigarette with a rebuildable atomizer, you’ll only need to spend money on the e-liquids to keep your cigarette going. These e-liquids come in a variety of scents and flavours, giving you a different experience every time. If you don’t wish to make the initial investment for a reusable e-cigarette, the disposable starter packs as still a better buy than a twelve pack of cigarettes, and they also come in a variety of flavours. You don’t need to settle for the same tobacco taste and smell every time you smoke.