Yahoo Accounting is one of the most sought after products in the industry. .5 6.5 years I had the privilege of working in it. Recently, I engaged in an interesting StackOverflow debate over Yahoo Finance’s APIs “down” or “changed”.

Now, admittedly, on the surface, this sounds like a bad move for Yahoo. In fact, people have theories around the time of Yahoo’s acquisition and the API’s being shut down (or changed). These are certainly not.

Yahoo accounting replaced the old API with a new one that requires a certain amount of authentication. The explanation for this change is quite simple and boring.

Yahoo finance forex api combines data from many data vendors around the world. It does this on a large scale. It enables users to have better experiences across multiple platforms, including web and mobile. It monetizes users through ads.

Quite simply, it costs money to retrieve the data, and if there are APIs that people can easily abuse to get this data, Yahoo loses money and affects their relationship with data vendors.

When working with Yahoo Finance forex API, we routinely run into situations where developers modify our APIs and create complete applications, products, and services. These were immediately closed and reported.

This change has certainly caused pain to the unfortunate entertainment community. But Yahoo has a business to run, and cannot allow its APIs to be misused, as it not only buys and aggregates data but also gives Yahoo Finance’s popularity & APIs, the demand level is not trivial in terms of $$ Machines machines, data center space and network bandwidth.

Basically, the Yahoo Finance API is mainly helps to query for all kind of the details about finance stocks, summary, movers, and quotes and much more as the official website. In order to get the free stock market information, you can able to sure make use of the Yahoo Finance in a most extraordinary manner. The Yahoo’s API is mainly considered as the gold standard which can be mainly useful for the stock-data APIs that are employed by both enterprise level and individual users. The yahoo finance offers accessing more than five years of regular OHLC price data, since it is reliable and free.