Cryptocurrencies have entered the 2021 as now the dismal 2020 has finally closed. After two years of stability, the world of cryptocurrencies has seen interest as market valuations rose to their highest point in recent past years. The year, 2021 was a memorable period for the crypto market as a pandemic-induced recession invited considerable dryness for both traditional assets and crypto-assets. And that offered sufficient opportunities for traders around the world.

Though the economic outlook was tough and challenging, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum proved their worth by being flexible and growing with support from retail and institutional investors.

In 2020, cryptocurrencies proved a major asset that could perform well, by surpassing traditional investments like gold and equity markets.

It was just the revival of cryptocurrencies and experts predict that the recovery will soldier on in 2021 because incentive programs are likely to continue to increase inflation after more the go ahead by governments and major central banks.

Once Steve Jobs stated “You cannot draw the dots to one another long forward; you can only do it by looking them back. So, you must believe that the dots will meet in the near future somehow.”

The recent decade saw great uncertainty and instability in the world. The Covid-19 pandemic was one of the examples that terrified the world and the crypto industry also not left without impact. The impact of Black Thursday on March 12 has always been one of the darkest days for business.

OctagonTrade’s success has a long list of continued efforts that introduce innovative products, improve the user experience, and ensure a stable and seamless performance to win users’ trust.

These efforts help Octagon Trade grow tremendously at the current stage. Here are some critical milestones of Octagon Trade.

Octagon Trade launched Cross Collateral successfully. It is a brand new feature allowing crypto assets to be borrowed alongside other crypto assets by a user.

Next, it launched OctagonTrade Options, which simplifies trading options for retail users. Through this new feature, users can maximize their profits and minimize their chances of loss.

DeFi Composite Index was introduced, which became Octagon Trade’s first composite index product. It allows users to track and take part in the DeFi market.

The launch of Battle was organized then. It is a novel cryptocurrency trading option that allows traders to review who is the most profitable for a given period.

The 24-hour volume of more than $106 million was another milestone that was achieved on December 18, 2020, and that’s an all-time high record.