When ValueMags started up, President Andrew Degenholtz admits that it was not easy and that the company was solely built on him an his team’s marketing and go getting personalities.

The hardest part about starting up his business explains Degenholtz, was the financing involved. As one might be able to tell, the financing for Small Businesses are unique and not comparable for their own reasons. However, each do have basic steps and requirements and the process of creating and developing a company is hard work and will require future business owners to consider financing. Financing and money is what make relationships and businesses boom or tears them down. Although debt is expected in the first couple of months, it is important that future business owners know how much they need to start-up without digging themselves too deep.

The process of creating and developing a company from the ground up is not simple or quick either. With appropriate research and adequate help from networking with the successful individuals anyone is sure to be able to make it with the right attitude towards the working environment. Learning about the required steps and legal actions in order to commence the business making process previous to hearing one on one personal stories and advice, helped Degenholtz realize how accurate and crucial these steps are to the success of a small business company in the United States.

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