Buying a home without using the services of a realtor sounds quite easy when you look at it at face value. You simply look at listings yourself find a home you like and go further to seal the deal to buy the property, easy.

Well, your desire to go all-in alone may also be inspired by your saving nature. You may want to save some cash by deciding to go solo, or you might simply have a fear of real estate agents, citing they are untrustworthy thanks to how they are depicted in the media.

Realtors bring expertise

When talking of their expertise, realtors have a way around negotiating an offer; they may function as neighborhood specialists to scan through the facts about a particular neighborhood and present you with the results. They are also good at handling real estate paperwork, and they will give you a heads up on the home inspections you should be aware of.  

The best part is when you land an exceptional agent like Instaoffer who puts your needs before his, and then you stand to benefit from exceptional loyalty, accountability, obedience to the law, and confidentiality.

Risky Troubles

With the above, it is clear that going solo in the process of buying a home could be a recipe for disaster, especially when looking at the risks involved. In sum, you stand to lose from the benefits that come with the expertise of a realtor as pointed above.

Instaoffer: The Good News

Buying a home does not have to be a risky business where you lose out from the expertise of professionals. And if you had an expert, it is understandable the costs may be too much for you to bear because you are already spending a lot buying a home.

At Instaoffer, we streamline your home buying by saying; yes, can save more bucks by partnering with us. Through our Instaoffer online platform, we provide you with assistance to your home buying process without having to hire physical real estate agents. Through our platform, you can buy a home online through the support of our agents who do the work for you, virtually. The good news is we offer a flat rate price when you use our platform, despite the price of the home you are buying.

In sum, Instaoffer platform allows you to buy a home online through the services of our professional agents, virtually at a much cheaper cost than it would be hiring a physical realtor. Sounds like killing two birds with one stone, which is definitely a deal!