With the Blooming of flowers and warm winds blowing, enters spring. And along comes the longing desire to be outdoors and make the most of the warm comfortable weather. Such a comfortable weather calls for an amazing outdoor space with an appropriate outdoor furniture types such as coffee tables, garden chairs, ottomans and benches. And with an initiation of modern eco-friendly furniture it has become way too convenient to create outdoor living areas for seasonal use.

Eco-friendly furniture is designed using safe materials that have negligible impact on the environment and the processes or the methods employed to manufacture of such viable outdoor furniture should include preserving and recycling the natural form of resources. This new generation of furniture is made up from natural renewable materials that are durable and comparatively resistant to mold such as coconut, bamboo, cork, hemp, corn, natural latex and a few other recycled fibers. With the use of such refined and cultured materials, these are generally categorized in the posh and the expensive category as compared to the conventional furnishings. Still the demand remains unaffected.

Materials commonly used:

Wooden Furniture

There is no denial to the fact that the wooden furniture has its own unique appeal. Recycled wood is a good raw material used for outdoor furniture and having the aesthetic as well as the traditional essence, wood helps in enhancing the natural decor. It not only looks good but also incorporates in the Panache look by transforming the outer space with its unique and high end finishing, especially if painted. It is considered that the furniture made from naturally harvested woods lasts longer because have grown in the local area they are quite prone to the weather. Most common and eco-friendly woods are easy to restock.

Bamboo (hardwood) – it is one strong wood that claims maturity in less than four to five years and absorbs little to no water.

Oak (hardwood) – it is an extremely adaptable wood form used in almost everything that can be easily reclaimed or reused.

Maple (hardwood) – this is another wood easily reclaimed and commonly used in flooring, cabinets and musical instruments.

Pine (soft wood) –this wood type is known for its unique feature that it is very easy to mold and is great for creating elaborate designs on furniture.

Rosewood (hardwood) – this type is near to its extinction and this is the type of hard wood very difficult to work with. It is fragmented with a dark red-brown color and is used in making music instruments.

Teak (hardwood) – also known as a ‘symbol of wealth’ as this wood is mainly used in high class or expensive indoor and outdoor furniture and flooring as well.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture is now rated as one of the convenient and ideal choice in terms of eco-friendly rattan garden furniture for almost every climate; however it isn’t the most eco-friendly choice.

Wrought Iron, Steel, and More

Much care is required for the maintenance of outdoor wooden rattan garden furniture. Well in that case it’s better to opt for wrought iron or steel (including aluminum). Metal furniture would help in creating a much more modern and cleaner look and if collaborated well can even create a contemporary look. Metal furniture is easy to upkeep as compared to wood. However it also calls for a regular check as it may rust or tarnish.

Wicker Furniture

It has gained demand in the recent time and is well known for its classic look. It may not be an ideal choice for all kinds of climate, especially in the northern sphere of the globe.