Have you been noticing your partner behaving weirdly lately? Well, there can be several reasons. Does their behaviour make you feel suspicious? If yes, then you need to spy on them. Several apps and software can help you know how to find out if someone is cheating on Facebook.

There’s no harm in digital flirtations, but sometimes these can turn a stingy turn, thereby having a negative impact on your relationship. Infidelity comes in different forms and does not mean your partner is cheating on you if they’re having sex outside the relationship.

The online activities of your partner can point out if they’re cheating on you.

They’re always engrossed in conversation and do not share anything with you

Using smartphones continuously can bring friction or rather rift in your romantic relationship. It makes the person feel as if they’re left out. If your partner is avoiding you and constantly using their phone, it’s time that you check what’s wrong.

You should always give space to your partners because not everything can be an open book. But if your partner’s digital activities are getting the better of your relationship, you need to check it out. Having some privacy is healthy for a relationship, but that doesn’t mean the other person should be using it for the wrong reasons.

They’re texting someone all day long

Texting and having conversations with friends is nothing wrong, but if this starts to stay up for long hours, you need to keep a check too. A late message from a friend is not a matter of concern, but it surely is a matter of concern if this starts getting frequent.

If these conversations start making their way into your bedroom, irrespective of the person’s initiation. It is necessary to keep a check on what your partner is doing, and there are high possibilities that they may be in some other relationship as well.

Your partner is always glued to their phones

You may often find your partner scrolling through Facebook late at night. You don’t need to get suspicious about that. However, if your partner tries to hide their activities from you when you suddenly catch him scrolling through Facebook, you should know that he’s up to something.

You don’t know who his new friends are

Being in a relationship means you should know each other’s friends. But, if you have no idea who these new people are, with whom he’s been talking all day long and sharing jokes on their walls, you need to confront your partner. If the other person is all over your partner’s Facebook wall, you should talk to your partner with posts that reflect humour and intimacy.

He’s defensive of his devices

Does he snatch his phone away if you touch it? The first way to know that your partner is up to something is to see if they get offended and try to defend themselves when you ask questions. If you notice a sudden change in your partner’s behaviour, you need to immediately talk to them. You can’t just let it go.