Raquel Vendome NYC continues the architectural legacy that her father, Antonio Vendome NYC created decades ago in the Big Apple. In fact, the Vendomes are known for their innovative habitable sculptures — a combination of aesthetically-pleasing visuals with living and commercial spaces. Father Antonio, also known as “Nino” is considered a real-estate icon and guru in the Tri-State area. His visions culminated in unique architectural concepts and collaborations with Phillip Johnson in the 90s.

With hard work and determination, Nino created some of the most stunning architecture to date. This includes “The Seasons” building, which actually ushered in the architecture as sculptures movement. Raquel watched her father work hard for years with honesty, integrity, and community empowerment. These traits were passed to Raquel Vendome NYC by her parents and today she is one of the most reputable and seasoned architects in the city.

Admired the world over by architectural firms and designers, the Vendomes are synonymous with structures that capture the essence of their environments. This includes The Urban House and American Kitchen; unique designs that reflect contemporary trends and longevity. Raquel joined her father’s architectural firm some time back and has added her own original concepts and designs to existing and upcoming projects.

Raquel and Nino want to create more habitable structures across the Northeast region. They have created a stunning residential high-rise along York Avenue and 62nd street. However, the Vendomes are also diversifying their portfolios to include mixed-use architectural projects. These existing and future habitable sculptures are designed with first-class décor and large windows for optimal illumination. 

Each structure is built to reflect daily living needs with exquisite amenities and practical applications. The York Avenue high-rise features cubism at its finest and truly enhances the Manhattan skyline. With inspirations from Braque and Picasso, Raquel and Nino continue to electrify the international real-estate market with captivating and compelling designs.

Raquel played — and continues to play an instrumental role in several projects with residential — commercial spaces. She believes in combining social trends with modern designs. From partnerships with Phillip Johnson and Alan Ritchie to seamlessly blending in contemporary designs with practical living solutions, the Vendomes always believe in meeting the needs of all residents.

Raquel Vendome NYC has learned a lot from Antonio Vendome NYC over the years. This includes working hard and never letting obstacles or hurdles to stop your progress. Similarly, she continues her family legacy of honesty, integrity, and civility with every architectural project.  These are the foundations of her family empire — one that continues to be praised by residents, architects, and builders alike. Raquel initially was not going to join the family business. However, her father’s impact on modern designs and his commitment to excellence made Raquel rethink her future.

Today, Raquel Vendome continues to innovate and create at every turn. This includes managing Vendome Property Management — which manages properties in Manhattan and Queens. One of the top structures in their pool is the Urban Glass House, an elegant and lavish 16-story condo development.


Raquel also continues to help her father’s business grow and expand. This, of course, is reflective of her hard-working nature which she learned from her Dad. Managing the family business also gives her great opportunities to put her creative ideas into fruition. With architectural trends changing in the blink of an eye, it’s important to erect structures that are habitable but enhance the communities as well. Similarly, they must be aesthetic in nature while blending in with the environment.

Habitable structures are signature creations of the Vendomes. As their empire grows, Raquel Vendome NYC remains at the forefront of this fast-paced and challenging industry. Stay tuned for more updates on future projects across the NYC area.