The career world has evolved from only two or three major career options a few years back. Today there are immense job opportunities and the internet boom has opened a whole new set of them. The IT world is one field with impressive salaries as technology advances each year that even children nowadays are being introduced with programming and machine learning.

Two jobs are really on the top of the list, which is networking and programming and people are often confused which one to opt for.

In both Networking Jobs and the programming ones, one needs to have a great deal of knowledge. The person needs to understand the specifics required, which definitely needs enough background, experience and learning. If you know the ins and outs of the trade then things get easy.

Out of the given two, networking is relatively easier and less stressful, though it requires a person to be thorough, attentive to detail, and should be good at keeping a track of things.If you love creative work, then programming is a better option for you. If we define networking as reading a crude literature than programming can be compared to painting a masterpiece.

Both the job profiles rely heavily on the tool set though the tools required are different. In the case of programming, it is IDE, frameworks, debugging tools and the libraries, while in networking it is commands, hardware tools, utilities and the scanning tools.

If you are in the networking field, when things are fine you can relax, but if something breaks down then it gets stressful. It is also a thankless job where you are not recognized for your efforts to keep things up and running. But, the moment things go to hell your neck is put on the chopping block without hesitation. You might have to work in an environment of non-open-source systems, which can be irritating at times.

Working in a programming profile is like working in an insane environment. Small-small things keep happening out of the blue, making it chaotic and stressful. Yes, if you are into programming of some business apps like developing the accounting tool or generating sales report, then it can be less stressful than building software products. Depending on whether you are working in a big or a small team, developing a product can lead to conflicts. These conflicts can be something as simple as putting comments on the prior line or the same line as code. A programmer needs to master the art of maintaining the perfect balance between stability and features.

Both have their own pros and cons and it basically depends on the aptitude of the person – which job he/she will like better.