Every kid has their favorite character taken in a comic, cartoon or even real people like celebrities. They want to become look like there idols in the way of their talk, style and especially their Dress up. Meanwhile, there are a lot of kids who are interested in Pretty Cure with two main characters: Cure Black and Cure White. But how to dress up like them makes children excited.

Cure Black’s style

Cure White’s style


Dresses to match Cure Black and Cure White’s styles.

Hairstyles kit

Makeup kit

Accessories: hair bands, rubber bands, glasses, hair clips, long socks, shoes and boots, etc

Magic items

How to dress up

We will start working out this dress up games by buying necessary dresses and accessories in an anime or a manga shop.

we can create our own dress up games, simply applying our own creativity and imagination.

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It is not necessary to buy dresses online india and all things in the shop because they are very expensive. We can reuse something which is available at home like gloves from the winter’s wardrobe. Prepare some handmade hearts to stick on belt and shoes.

We can use color lens to change our eyes’ color to be suitable with character we choose. Besides, to change hairstyles, we might use wig or make style by ourselves.

Moreover, we can check images or the way of clothes and accessory combination in Party Wear Dresses up games having Cure Black and White as main characters.

Similarly, this real dress up game can be used for other favorite characters. You can invite your friends coming to your house and joining in a dress up party like that. It is a great way to practice and show your talent and creativity in diverse fashion styles.