Driving customers to your app and increasing your client base is an important aspect of improving your yearly turnover and push notifications is one of those strategies. This statement proves to be true by a research that states that almost 68% of the customers return to an app through push notifications and marketers have observed a surge in their business by 50% when through push notifications rather than e-mails. Also, as more than half of the world population is engaged in the mobile phone the above-mentioned method of marketing is a sure shot way of attracting customers to your app.

Thus, it should come as no surprise to you when you watch different applications and business owners employ push notifications in different ways according to their business. So, if you also strive to build an app for your business then this guide fit aptly to your requirement as you should know of different ways to drive customers to your app through push notification. Here are a few mentioned ways which you could use to ensure that your business receives the maximum number of customers from all segments. And don’t worry about the authenticity of these strategies. We spoke to the best in the industry at Gamooga in order to acquire these tactics:

Too many or too little? Which way to go?
The best way to know the number of times your app should send notifications to the customers is to first examine, and better understand the business that your app is in. Also, if you yourself would not like to receive random offers and messages in your phone several times a day, then it is better to limit the number of pushes your app sends to its users. Furthermore, ideally, an app should not send more than 4 notifications to the user in a week.

Command in the hands of the user?
A digitally aware person likes it when an authority into their hands. Thus, the user would like to use your app even more if you allow them to control the number of times they wish to receive the pushes or completely switch them off. Plus, it is better as they would come also come to know the preferences of your disparate customers, which will enable you to send only those notifications which are relevant to those users.

Different Time Zones
Consider the time difference between regions of a country or even a state. So, make sure that you do not send notifications to all of your users at the same time and first examine their location and the time zone they live in. It will not be liked by the users of your app as they would not get disturbed during night time, and it would further benefit you as those users will use those notifications to come back to your app at a time when they’re free to do so.

Customization is the key
People like it when they are addressed by either their name or their job position. However, as in this case, you do not know the professional position of the person you can personalize the message to read the person’s name. And when they’ll see their name pop-up on their screen, they’ll be prompted to try out the new offer, design, or discount that push notification was selling and you’ll manage to attract the customer only with a little effort and customization.

Target the right audience
Imagine a male getting notifications about new make-up kit arrival. Sure, there might a few guys out there who would love to try out this stuff but it still is not general for every male. So, make sure to target the right audience with the right push notification based on the region they stay in.