DCM has thorough knowledge and quite extensive experience within multiple industry sectors. That results in enduring demonstrated success in oil & gas, mining & metallurgy, petrochemicals, infrastructure, pulp & paper, and power generation. Altogether, then, this makes DCM a top partner of choice for fully-integrated industrial and commercial construction services throughout Canada and the rest of the world.


DCM has amassed quite extensive experience within oil and gas construction, maintenance, and shutdown projects.  Over the past few years, specifically, DCM has been contracted for many oil and gas projects in several cities including Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Montreal, and Saint-John.

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DCM also has experience within the mining and metallurgy industrial construction and maintenance services.  Recently, DCM mining and metallurgy projects include vestments in projects like potash mines throughout Saskatchewan as well as iron ore mines and magnesium and aluminum plants within Quebec.  You may be interested to know, for example, that:

  • Canada is actually among the largest mining countries in the world, consistently producing more than 60 minerals and materials
  • Canada is also one of the top five countries among the global major mineral and metal producers and the number one potash producer in the world
  • Canada’s mining industry is responsible for the country’s largest private sector employment for Aboriginal people (proportionally)


DCM has also logged many projects related to petrochemical and chemical facilities. These projects can include advanced biofuels, high-value chemicals, and renewable energy sources. As a matter of fact, home to four major ethylene plants, Alberta is an international leader in petrochemical manufacturing.


With experience in construction and maintenance work, DCM has performed work which demonstrate effective partnership in transport and infrastructure projects.  This can also include mechanical, piping, electrical, and instrumentation applications.


In addition, DCM has also headed up several pulp and paper construction and shutdown projects. These have involved exchange tube replacement, substation modification, and plant upgrade, among other actions.


Finally, DCM has a reputation for experience in power generation and this includes construction and maintenance work that is performed throughout both Canadian and American power generation facilities.  For one, DCM can work with Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), which is a colorless and odorless synthetic gas that is both non-toxic and non-flammable. While it can be used in various technical applications, SF6 is mostly used for insulation in high voltage equipment.