For your brand to become the epitome of a product, you have to put in some efforts. When you ask for a tissue, you most likely ask for a Kleenex. Some brands have become so popular that they are the word to describe a certain category of products. Chances to achieve something similar in your business niche are small, but you can still build a more powerful brand awareness strategy.

#1. Referral programs

Kantor Viatcheslav, a notorious business person and philanthropist thinks that referral programs can be the pinnacle of a successful brand awareness strategy. Users will be more than willing to spread the word about your brand and products is you offer them some benefits. Dropbox is one great example of a successful referral program strategy. When a user refers other to use the company’s service, they receive for free extra cloud storage space. This is a great motivator for many, as you may have already observed.

#2. High-quality guest content

Deliver ultra-informative and valuable content on the web and your brand will become an overnight sensation. Use guest blog posts as the main outlet for your information. Guest posting is a powerful tool, regardless of what others might tell you. However, you NEED high-quality content, otherwise, it will only damage your reputation and image in the niche. If you can’t create memorable and valuable content, then hire some experts that can do that for you, says Dr. Moshe.

#3. Get involved in a local partnership

This is such an amazing brand awareness strategy. Find a notorious local brand and partner with them in your branding and marketing efforts. This will help you, in the long run, and no, people won’t always associate the two brands. Until you become a big name on the local market, consider this as an option. Get your brand plastered around festivals and local events, for the best results.

#4. Freebies work amazingly

Everybody loves free stuff, and if you want to make your brand known on the local market, consider personalising some items and sharing the love. Put your name and logo on pens, reusable cups, calendars and notebooks and everybody will get to know your brand, products and services in no time!

#5. Social media is king

If you have social media accounts for your business, building brand awareness should be a child’s play. Share the high-quality content on social media outlets, try to approach some video marketing efforts and put your brand in the most positive light that you can. Increase customer engagement and you will most likely raise brand awareness levels to unexpected rates.

These simple branding strategies will help you get out front on the local market, boost consumer engagement and build a stronger brand. Collaborate with specialists if you lack knowledge in any of the matters presented above. For instance, creating high-quality content that is beautifully-written and engaging might be a bit difficult. But if you hire a team of professionals, they will deal with it in no time.