Injuries caused by motor accidents may appear late. In that case, you must monitor your health and defend your legal rights to seek just amount of compensation. It is not that all car accidents cause major causalities. And if the injuries are minor, symptoms are less likely to appear immediately. This write-up is meant to help you understand why it is important to monitor your injuries caused by an accident. It is equally important to know about your legal rights in such a situation, which has also been covered in this blog.


Several times, the sportsmen play in spite of suffering injuries as they don’t see or feel any symptom. Secretion of endorphins and adrenaline super-energizes the body and as a result, the athletes don’t feel any pain at all.

The car accidents, which apparently don’t cause severe injuries, also induce the same physiological impact on the victim’s body. The car accidents trigger secretions of those chemicals that will enhance your energy and pain is less likely to be felt for a temporary period of time. However, it doesn’t mean that you are in fine fettle. It is must for you to monitor your injury. After those chemicals cease to secrete, you will feel pain.


Skull protects our brain from external injuries. If you meet a horrible car accident or your head violently collides with anything, the brain is likely to hit inside wall of the skull. As a result, you will suffer concussion.

Concussion could turn out to be serious and have different symptoms. Sometimes symptoms show up immediately whereas other times, they are late-appearing. Whatever the symptom is, you must visit a medical practitioner. Here are some common symptoms of concussions:

  • Incoherent thoughts
  • Lack of concentration
  • Bad headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of energy
  • Insomnia

Soft Tissue Injury

Bone and soft tissue constitute our body. Soft tissues refer to ligaments, tendons and muscles. The motor accidents, even if these involve low-speed cars, cause the vehicles to come to a sudden stop. As a result, joints and other parts of the body are heavily affected.

Soft tissue injury causes pain, impaired mobility and swelling. However, they could come up days or weeks after the accident. Soft tissue injuries are not always traceable on X-ray plates. It is more challenging to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor shortly after the accident or even before pain or swelling sets in.

Say No To Early Settlement

The other driver’s insurer will likely to want you to put your signature on a release of compensation claim that you are entitled to. The insurance company will offer a goodly sum to lure you to sign the release claim.

Never go for early settlement without undergoing full medical check-up. You must wait for all symptoms to manifest so that you can receive proper treatment for full recovery. If you sign a release claim shortly after an accident, you will have no legal rights to seek compensation for additional medical expenses if any injury appears late.

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