Are you tired of hackers breaking into your website and causing havoc? If you are, then you are not alone because online fraud is spiraling with time. However, you have no reason to fear because you can tame and beat the hackers in their own game. In this post, I will discuss with you practical ways in which a timely decision to install SSL certificates can secure and benefit your website’s connection. I will focus my discussion on SSL certificates because they some of the most effective ways of securing your website. So, I invite you to be my guest as I reveal six things an SSL-secured connection will do for your website. Keep reading to the end to discover everything.

  • Lock Out Hackers

The first thing a decision to install SSL certificates for your websites will do is to keep away the hacker. The reason is that no online fraud exists without hackers. Therefore, keeping the hacker at bay means you will kill all the other damages they can cause to your website/s. By installing an SSL certificate, you cut off these bad boys’ activities because they encrypt the information that moves between browsers and servers. With such a secure connection in place, these online thugs will not intercept your user details to steal and carry out their malicious intentions.

Moreover, an SSL-secured connection locks out hackers by killing phishing, one of their most treasured ways of stealing sensitive user information. With phishing, hackers create fake websites that resemble genuine ones. This way, they trick unsuspecting users into logging their personal details into fake websites. However, an SSL certificate will make it impossible to trust the site since the fake one cannot acquire a valid SSL cover. This means that the fake site won’t have the green padlock symbol, thus alerting the users that they are dealing with a fake site.

  • Secure Payments and Shopping

If you sell your products and services online, then this second point should greatly concern you. The reason is that all your users need the assurance that their credit card and other financial details are secure before logging them in. To win their trust, it is mandatory for you to install SSL certificates on all websites that receive such information. Moreover, all PCI security standards payment card industries set require all online stores to install SSL certificates. Therefore, an SSL-secured connection will guarantee that your users enjoy safe and enjoyable shopping on your website.

  • Increased Ranking and Brand Value

If you want to increase your websites’ brand value and boost ranking in major search engines, then install SSL certificates on them. When you install these certificates, your users will see the https display in your URL. This way, they will value your brand because they perceive it values their security. It is also important to remember that Google updated its algorithms to include https into its rankings. This means that all websites with https have a higher ranking in the search engine compared to those without.

Moreover, Google is not just rewarding websites with https, no. The search engine is now meting penalties on those sites without SSL certificates. For example, Chrome and Firefox display warnings to users who try entering their passwords and other commercial details into forms existing on websites without SSL certificates. Google has also gone ahead and stopped websites without https from accessing some features on Chrome, its official browser. For example, http websites cannot access geolocation, device motion and orientation, and the application cache.

  • Increased Conversions

Increased conversion is another benefit that an SSL-secured connection brings to your website. This benefit is critical since you have no reason having a website without conversions. For example, if you want them to purchase your products or subscribe to your offers, they will have difficulties doing so on an insecure website. But when you install SSL certificates, you stand higher chances of conversions compared to operating with an http website.

  • Enhanced User Trust

In life, people will give you and do anything (within their power) you ask them to only if they can trust and respect you, unless they are your haters. For instance, if you ask your online users to subscribe to a given free offer with their personal information, they are more likely to do so if they trust that their personal details are secure. Likewise, they will only fill in their personal financial details if they are sure that they are in safe hands. The above means that trust is critical to all your online transactions. That is why you need to transition your website from http to https to win that trust.

  • Strong and Secure Information Encryption

Though information is power, it is also worth noting that its power is like a two-edged sword that can cut either side—defend or offend. This means that having valuable information in the wrong hands can be disastrous to users and site owners. Therefore, securing your information and your users’ should be central to any website owner. You should take advantage of modern technology and install SSL certificates as a way of securing such information as it travels between browsers and servers. Therefore, make secure connection a debt you owe your website’s users. Otherwise, you will suffer a credibility problem in their eyes.

Closing Remarks

Secure online connection is critical to all website owners and their users. One way of securing websites for improved user experience is transitioning them from http to https. This happens when web owners install SSL certificates to secure their users’ sensitive personal information. In this post, I revealed five things an SSL-secured connection will do for your website. For instance, it boosts your website’s ranking in search engines and improves your conversion chances. Also, installing SSL certificates locks out hackers and makes users trust your site more. I believe you now know these benefits and will install an SSL certificate to enjoy them.