It’s clear to see that digital marketing has started to take Sydney by storm. A quick Google search for a firm who can help with search engine optimization will bring back oodles of creative agencies who are ready to help businesses increase their web traffic, Google ranking, and – above all – revenue. 


  • More Phone Calls from Customers

When a business contacts a digital marketing specialist, the primary goal is to improve sales, and businesses all around Sydney are seeing the results. With the use of digital marketing strategies, the most immediate results most businesses see is an increase in phone traffic. That is, customers who were interested in the product or service that was being sold were calling the businesses. When a customer already wants your service, making the sale is so much easier.

  • Lower Advertising Expenses

Using Google AdWords or other such PPC (pay per click) applications has proved effective for local Sydney businesses, as well. Not only do clients see more calls, but they also see lower costs. Google AdWords only is an advertising cost if it works. This means that businesses only have to pay for Google AdWords if somebody clicks on the linked ad. Businesses are learning that targeting their advertising budget towards Google searches provides new customers. Not only that, but you can also monitor how well it works. It is a must for businesses. 

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  • More Sales/Customers

In addition to having your sales or services exposed to new customers who are seeking out a product or service like yours, PPC can optimize search results so that they work for you. Sydney business owners find that more people are converting from potential customers to actual customers because of digital marketing. The ads can direct interested customers directly to a landing page which collects contact information so that they can close the sale. 

  • Better Audience

Another way that digital marketing is helping Sydney businesses is by increasing the quantity and quality of the audience. With the use of specific keywords and other strategies, creative agencies (and the experts that create them) can sway web content to meet up with potential customers. With all of the infinite websites out there who might cater to the same product, using digital marketing can increase your edge and set you apart from the business ranked right below you on Google page 1.


Investing in a new strategy can be a bit uncomfortable. However, several businesses in Sydney, as well as online businesses owned by the people of Sydney, have already benefited from digital marketing.

Owners of online businesses already know a lot about how to use the search engine to benefit the business, and they may not see the value in expert digital marketing. Remember though- having the best SEO Company on your site is better than them helping the competition.