When it comes to running a business the digital age makes it easier to market your company to your potential audience, an increasingly difficult job to do in this highly competitive environment.  However, if you follow these 4 basic principles of marketing in the digital age, you should find more consistent success.

PRINCIPLE #1:  Establish An Objective

Yes, you should know this already; and if you do, then this will just confirm that you know where to start.  And where is the best place to start? At the end.  Start by figuring out what your biggest goals are and then work your way backwards.  Ask yourself what it your company stands is for. What are your values? And how do you value growth? Not every company operates strictly on a revenue model; some prefer to weigh profit against things like environmental conservation, social change, and even simply employee relations.  Whatever you value, you need to establish in the beginning if you want to have an effective Doculand marketing strategy.Image result for 4 Principles to Marketing Success

PRINCIPLE #2:  Structure Innovation Teams

Now that you know what it is that you want (and who, it is, that you are) you need to gauge the market to determine how you can fit into it. What consumer needs can you address? What problems can you solve? Who can you serve with your company?  To do this, it is wise to establish an innovation team that can identify, evaluate, and then activate emerging opportunities to market directly to your target.  This team will also engage with start-ups and even tech developers to stay on top of trends and, hopefully, ahead of the competition.

PRINCIPLE #3:  Keep Strategy Away from Innovation

Creativity works best when it is free from limits.  Strategy works best when there is as little room for error as possible.  Knowing that, it should make sense that you should not combine your strategic team and your innovation team. Instead, it is often best to let each of them do their jobs in the most open environment possible and then come together to make sure that their ideas incorporate the best of both worlds and, more importantly, can operate in the real world.

PRINCIPLE #4:  Use the Open Asset Marketplace

Finally, make sure you stay on top of engaging with new ideas and learn how to use images to more quickly focus consumer attention on your ad, your product, and your brand.  This involves not only traditional print media but, and this is the case more and more, digital materials too.