Prints are amazing! It’s a wonder how beautifully you can have a tangible copy of your great work in no time. Thanks to the numerous technological advancements that have taken printing to a new height altogether. All the printouts that catch your attention actually go through printing methods you may not know about. It can be tricky to find the best printing source which gives you an edge with right colour print, paper quality, and press checks. Visualizing something and get it on a print has become a common part of our daily life. Apart from the routine usage, businesses find it a great source to promote their products and offerings. It is an exceptional way to increase business viewership and store footfall. As everything is getting affected by emerging technologies, even printing platforms are gladly embracing it. With the digital boom, printing media is seeing a shift towards advanced printing methods. As a result, digital printing is the new cool nowadays. Even offset printing offers finely finished output, but many are trusting the faster process of digital printing. Let’s check out a few interesting things involved with digital printing.

Clarification on ‘Digital Printing’

When there’s digital, there are computers. Similarly, digital printing is the technology involved in printing services that connect printing processes to computers. Majorly, two machines used in this are printing HP Indigo and Dry Toner banners. The range of HP Indigo includes 3550, 5600, 7600 and other models while Dry toner includes Fuji Xerox, Kodak Nexpress, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, and Lanier.

Printing Paper

Papers and colors can be the game changer for any print. For digital printing, papers that are digitally certified must be used to get a stunning print at the end. These papers are useful especially for the HP Indigo presses. Certified papers are preferred but if people can use non-certified papers on their risk.

Quality of Printing

In the end, printing quality is what that matters the most. Whether it’s offset or digital printing, quality is the most important factor. Advancements like HP Indigo presses must reflect a higher and better clarity of prints similar to offset printing.

Speed of Printing

Digital printing is a much simpler process than offset printing. It involves faster processing and delivery as it does not involve the use of plates, the step for mixing inks, or other additional assets that offset printing uses. This is the major factor involved in digital printing. Speed is something that has always defined the world and it should get defined in your actions as well.

Printing That is Easy on the Pocket

You do not need to pay any extra money in digital printing. There’s no setup cost required and no plate costs as well. Even digital printing machines can do fine work like wire binding or stitching that minimize extra efforts and extra costs. All in all, digital printing a cost-effective process.

Enough Quantity

Short runs involved in digital printing allows you to print small to medium units ranging from 1-1000 in quantities. This printing is ideal for this much quantity.


In digital printing, you can change the data as per your choice. For example, personalise the message imprinted on a wedding invitation or edit the names of the recipients. Whether it is paper prints or poster prints, various details can be printed in one go with this feature. This saves both time and efforts. Businesses, on the other hand, can use this feature to tailor a message for their diverse audience.

Special Effects Even in Usual Prints

Digital machines, for instance, HP Indigo can create special printing effects. You can play with white ink, fluorescent UV red invisible ink, special Pantone PMS colours, clear varnish and gloss effects and much more. Enhance your imagination and get it printed with amazing effects in no time.

Environmental Factor

There are no stages of pre-press in digital printing. It does not require any film, or photo chemicals, or plates, and hence no chances of wastage. The formal ways of printing use a considerable quantity of water unlike digital printing that saves a lot of water. Also, you can format the design as you want, have a preview and then go for it without any paper wastage.

Computer Always Listens

Computers are saviors especially for people who wake up at the last minute. Digital printing completes any last minute job in no time. Just switch on the computer, make the necessary changes and see amazing prints coming off beautifully.

Both digital and offset printing solutions are amazing. They effectively offer world-class printed designs. While offset prints are good to tweak the colors, do long runs, and much more, digital printing offers fine printing with minimal efforts. Just ponder upon what you want, what quality you need, how much time you can give and printing solutions are there to solve your printing problems.