If you are looking for the best gimbal for small cameras that weight between 125g – 650 g, then the Zhiyun Crane M 3-Axis gimbal is the best in the business. It acts as the best stabilizer for point and shoot cams, camcorders and even mobile phones. A wildlife photographer may spend hours tracking animals and birds and imagine when it comes to taking that once in a lifetime shot, the picture gets shaky and blurry and eventually all the time spent goes wasted.

So let’s go find out that what the new Zhiyun M 3-Axis Gimbal has to offer and why it is considered one of the best stabilizer for small cameras.


Zhiyun is famous for coming up with world-class products time and again and the Crane M 3-Axis Gimbal is no exception to that. Just like its predecessor, Crane M also comes with a similar outlook with a joystick in the grip with ON/OFF buttons and the mode button. It just takes a couple of minutes to mount the camera on the Crane M gimbal as you just need to use a ¼ inch screw. When compared with the Smooth-C gimbal, the crane M is a bit heavier and the build quality is pretty much strong.


If you are accustomed to the 3-axis gimbals, Zhiyun Crane M is very simple to handle. The pan-following mode is the default mode in the Crane M and is also one of the frequently used modes by many. The moment you tap on the mode button, the gimbal goes automatically into locking made allowing you to take some amazing smooth pan shots and tilt shots. Tap the mode button twice and go to the pan and pitch following mode and your gimbal follows your camera’s direction wherever it is pointed to. If you want to take some casual selfies, hit the mode button thrice and the selfie mode gets activated.

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Image Quality

The Zhiyun Crane M provides an amazing job of stabilizing your camera absolutely still that there is no shakiness to any extent. Even if you turn quickly or walking along with your gimbal in your hand, the gimbal always provides you with crystal clear picture all the time. It supports all kinds of cameras and smartphones and you can always expect clear and smooth videos and pictures.


The Zhiyun Crane M is a nice gimbal to have to take amazing pictures using small cameras. It is extremely easy to setup and handle the gimbal. Every footage captured using Crane M looks absolutely stunning as the gimbal doesn’t change its direction all of a sudden while you are walking or running with your gimbal on hand. Even though there is some shakiness visible sometimes, it doesn’t happen often. Maybe a firmware update can fix the issue. It is pretty much smaller in size and makes a perfect travel companion and when you consider the overall performance and the price, the Crane M is a great tool for any photographer looking for a good gimbal.