Marketing trends change all the time. Some marketing strategies that used to be popular are no longer effective now. Other approaches are yet to become significant trends but have major potential for shaping the advertising landscape soon. Study these trends as you might find them useful for your business.

Programmatic advertising

You don’t need to determine where to advertise and when. You can now maximise AI technology since it helps decide on your behalf. It studies the behaviour of website visitors and decides which of them could be potential customers. It helps save time and money in advertising which is beneficial for your company.


You might see these chatbots at the bottom left or right of your screen as you open a website. These are useful chat boxes that connect visitors directly to the company. If people visit the site, they need not send an email or call to ask specific details. They can type whatever they want to know in the chat box, and the site owner can post a response to them. It brings you closer to your potential customers, and even convince them to buy products right away.

Mobile sites

You can no longer ignore a website that is compatible with mobile devices. In the past, it was optional because not a lot of people were using their mobile devices for surfing anyway. Today, more people are searching for information using their phones than those who are using regular computers. Therefore, not having a website that runs well on a mobile device could hurt your chances of attracting audiences.

Video marketing

People love watching videos to find information instead of reading long text. You can maximise this opportunity by embedding videos in your website. Make sure that these videos are short and concise. Everything that people need to know should be in a video that lasts for only a minute or so. If people loved what they saw, they might share the video. As soon as they share it, there will be a conversation among the people in their circle. Some of them might also be curious about your products and eventually decide to buy. All these engagements are helpful in boosting your company’s popularity.

Move forward

These are among the latest trends in advertising, and you can’t afford to ignore them if you want any chance of succeeding. You also need to know that traditional advertising outside the realm of the online world is also useful. For instance, pop up banners are still everywhere. Huge brands still utilise this ad campaign strategy. They understand that some people prefer getting information the traditional way. They don’t have an internet connection all the time. Therefore, not using these old strategies will be a waste of an opportunity.

Be smart in deciding what strategies to use in advertising and evaluate the impact of the plan you used in helping boost your company’s popularity. If everyone else is using a strategy, you might want to give it a shot, as it won’t be popular unless it is effective.