The quality of the candidate experience is fast becoming one of the most important processes to improve on in the dental recruitment industry. The candidate experience basically means the way in which a candidate for any dental jobs that you have advertised reacts to the way in which you conduct the recruitment process from selection to the interview

Why Bother about the Candidate Experience?

The candidate experience wasn’t as important in the 1990’s, but in this age of social media and connected technology, it has become absolutely necessary. During the 1990s, a poor candidate experience would lead to the candidate speaking about the experience within their close group of companions, which wouldn’t harm the recruiter at all. But now, candidates often take to social media telling their followers (and the world at large) about their experience, which can create a poor image of the recruiter.

In a skilled sector, such as dentistry, where a degree is required, candidates will also tell their peers about their experience, and these people in turn will be less likely to apply for the job. Compare this with an excellent candidate experience, where candidates are more motivated to be successful and it will attract a great quality of candidate. There are also benefits of lower advertising costs, as word of mouth referrals would be

So, what is the best way to improve the candidate experience?First, it’s important to first measure how well you have done in the past. Ask recently hired candidates about their experience and what they would improve upon it. If they are too scared to provide their true feelings, you could maybe anonymize the responses. This first-hand experience will provide a good basis from which to work from.

One of the things candidates most despise is if the recruitment process is seen as unfair. It could be a family member was given a job instead of them, which could create a feeling that the candidate wasn’t given a chance to show their full potential. When deciding on making improvements to the candidate process, it is important to set clear goals and expectations from the start. This will ensure that the improvements remained focussed.

When a candidate is not successful in the recruitment process, it is important to let them know right away that they were not the chosen candidate this time around. By being polite, it will increase the chances that the candidate will apply for another job in the future with you. This will then lessen the cost of advertising future jobs.

For more information on the candidate experience, check out the guide on improving the candidate experience.