It isn’t unusual for people to have the same attorney who handles all of their legal issues to help them with their will. Although the purpose of the will may seem simple to you at the time, there are actually many laws that can come into play in carrying out your wishes. Frank Savona is a lawyer in Staten Island who explains that “A will is your legacy carved into stone with the power of the law – but only if the document is prepared properly by and experienced attorney.”

We all hope to live to a ripe old age and enjoy the fruits of our labors during our retirement years. For those of us who are successful at accumulating multiple assets, we have clear and distinct wishes for what will happen to our assets once we are gone. To ensure that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones provided for in the ways that you have planned, you need to have a carefully prepared will that reflects every aspect of what you own and what you want to happen to it.

At What Age Should I Have a Will?

As soon as you are a legal adult, you should have a will. You don’t have to own a great deal of property to make a will a necessity. Frank Savona, an experienced lawyer in Staten Island with expansive experience in creating and updating wills, explains that “A will can not only determine how your property will be distributed, but also make other provisions for the important aspects of your life.

Although you can expect many changes to occur over your lifetime, you need to have a will designed to cover your needs now. A will allows you to make provisions for a caretaker for your pet, designates who will inherit your collectibles, and return the ownership of the car your parents bought you to go to college back to them. The basic idea behind a will is to ensure that everything of financial and emotional value to you is given to the people whom you want to have it.

Reasons You Need an Experienced Lawyer in Staten Island

The laws regarding wills and some provisions like custody of children or management of money can vary from state to state. To ensure your will is prepared according to the laws of New York, you need to find an experienced lawyer in Staten Island who has provided these services to all types of clients in the past. In-depth knowledge and experience will provide your attorney with the skills needed to ensure your wishes are carried out in the event of your death.

Keeping It Current

It is a good idea to update your will about every five years and during important milestones such as starting a business, getting married, investing in a new home or other property, or having or adopting children. A qualified lawyer in Staten Island can explain the legal options to you for the state and help you plan the care of your family after you are gone.