Water is one of the most vital elements required for the survival of humans on the planet earth. It is the water which makes plant human and animal life possible on this planet. Earth is also called as the blue planet as it’s a significant portion constitutes of water. Water has a unique quality to dissolve almost all the elements in it. It also has goy self-cleaning capacity which by which it maintains itself. But the sad truth is because of humans this self-cleaning capacity of water has been destroyed. Water is very much necessary for the survival of all the living beings on this planet. No other species expect human have harmed this natural resource in such a devastating way. Though itis said to be a renewable source of energy is awful to accept the fact that there isn’t sufficient drinking water left on the planet. This credit of all such odd happenings goes to the humans.

Effects Of Technology On Water

Yes, technology has indeed helped the man to grow in a fast way. But each thing has to be placed in a way that it doesn’t affect the presence of others. In the greed of developing more and more humans have made mother earth ill. Almost all its resources are on the merge of extinction and renewable resources. Which can never get over have got undergo such a profound change in their quality that they cannot be used anymore. One of the worst sufferers of the actions of humans is water. Water has assisted man in making human life possible. Water has the qualities which are required to balance the atmosphere on this planet. But man is always trying to replace the natural world with the technological world, the mother earth and its resources are getting destroyed. The quality of drinking water is degrading day by day.

Man has put modernization in his priority, so he has to conquer over the natural atmosphere. The use of AC’s, inverters, heaters, etc. have assisted man in creating an artificial environment. This artificial environment has proven to be ill for the water. Directly or indirectly, all these things have affected the water quality in a typical way.

We all are busy praising the success of the green revolution that we often forget the fact of how many problems occurred due to this plan. The water is used for irrigation is carried into the streams and lakes, which in return, spoil the healthy nutrients of water. The farmlands, to be more productive, are sprayed with insecticides and pesticides. and these chemicals go in water along with the irrigational water making this natural resource unhealthy.

No doubt that government tries to formulate policies by which the water pollution can be put under control. The domestic water purification plants are established to provide all the houses with healthy drinking water. Still, if you want to be on the safer side, it is highly recommended that you get your home fitted with a water purification plant. The recent technology-based water filters work in a way to purify water to provide your family with healthy drinking water. Drinking contaminated water leads to several diseases, and children are the ones who get victimized with these diseases very easily. If you want to keep your tiny toddlers safe and healthy, then you need to have a water purifier at your place.

Water Purifier- A Pocket-Friendly Solution

If you are a person who thinks that getting a water purifier for your home is a substantial expenditure than your conception is entirely wrong. A water purifier will never cost you more than the hospital bills which you may have to face because of the intake of contaminated water. The water which you get at your place directly through tap has got several impurities which are purified in the water purifier through a different process. The best kind of water purifier is the one which works on both RO+UV technology. RO stands for reverse osmosis; this includes a delicate membrane, and the entire filtration process is related to this membrane. In the case of UV technology, the water purifier uses ultraviolet rays to kill the germs which are present in the water. After going through the RO and UV process, the water you get to drink is protected from all kinds of bacteria and is healthy for drinking. You can contact aquaguard customer care to know about the benefits of water purifier.

All machines require timely repair, well the water purifiers of today come with self-cleaning mechanism but still. If you want to keep your water purifier in a healthy state and make it work for long without its potential getting degrade. Then you should surely call for the annual maintenance of your water filter. The aquaguard AMC is very pocket-friendly. And also some companies provide you free AMC for the first year.