Colour psychology has been a widely studied theory for many years.  Different colours are thought to be more capable of affecting our moods, decisions etc without us even actually realising it.  Because of this, colours can also have a huge effect on your marketing and advertising for your business. Choosing the right colours can make sure the effect is a positive one. This is very important for any business to use in their marketing campaigns.

Psychology Of Colour

Since people react psychologically to various colours you should choose the shades that most closely identify with your business or your company theme.  Warmcolours tend to encourage people to feel comfortable enough to relax. If you want customers or clients spending more time in your store or restaurant etc you will want to pick from a range of colours that have comforting layers of reds, yellows and oranges in them.  If you want your signage to be a real attention grabber yellow is a universal favourite or a bright colour. You can pick a signature colour such as hot pink etc. although strong reds and blues are always popular choices for signage.  


According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “White is often calming and gives the rest of your sign some breathing room.  It can be associated with purity and be clean looking. Too much empty white space though can harm your business, and it can appear clinical or cold.”


When used correctly black on a sign can be powerful and drawing in customers to find out more.  Too much black can be off-putting and negative, so make sure you incorporate another colour to soften it up.


Using red in your signage can help encourage impulse buys and can capture the audience’s attention straight away.


Yellow is a warm and happy colour which can make your customers feel good about choosing to give you their business.  Some people love yellow some people hate it.


A neutral colour grey can be a balanced colour.  It is calming and practical and this makes it a good choice for many businesses.  However, grey can also be seen as boring or dull. If you are using grey add a pop of colour too and this will make your sign stand out.



Orange is a great accent colour and can represent warmth and confidence.  It should be used sparingly so it is not off-putting.


Purple is an unconventional colour and can be a great fit for a fun brand or a high-end business, especially using a deeper colour purple.


Different shades of blue can help you establish trust among your customers and help them feel more productive.  It can also be a calming colour.


Green implies eco-friendly business and can represent feelings of freshness and nature orientated.  

Outdoor Signs

As with any sign, visibility is the most important element in signage.  For outdoor signage use simple, contrasting colours that can be easily seen and understood at a distance.