Gifting promotional items are a great way to break the ice or make it a conversation starter when you meet new clients or attracting new ones, in order to incentivize the employees and to create a strong bond with your present customers. They act as a sign of goodwill that makes people keener to listen to what you have to say. Once people choose to pick up your branded goods, the rest is history. Here are some advantages of using the promotional products by Concept Plus as a part of your marketing campaign.

  • Brand visibility and exposure

As 80 percent of people are open to getting promotional stuff, it is just a matter of conveying the right message. Dispersing away the high quality promotional products make sure that your workforce and your customers will enjoy them on a regular basis, for months on end, which is lasting than more than any kind of advertising method. Even after they don’t use your products anymore, just a visual of your logo is more than enough to keep them reminded of who you are, what you offer, and hence achieving brand recognition.

  • Cost effective

Most of the ad messages are calculated by cost per impression or CPI which displays how much money each impression costs on the basis of the average number of impressions. As TV and radio ads are expensive, you will also need to pay for each time your ad is broadcasted. On the contrary, promotional materials are less costly and have a longer exposure time which transforms to getting an ROI for months and sometimes even years. The gist is to choose those items that serve a clear and useful purpose so that your customers and workforce will want to use them.

  • Increases the exposure of the advertising message

It has been proven that people who get promotional products tend to keep it and use it for months or even year and then re-gift it. In other words, your message will be spread to a much bigger audience than you intended in the first place. Eventually, a well selected, practical and a resourceful item will provide long term results that cannot be compared with any other modes of advertising.

  • Guarantees loyalty and customer retention

Promotional items are capable of instilling goodwill and enhance the brand perception which eventually leads to making the bond stronger with the present customers and new business retention.