When you work in telesales, opening your calls is the key to whether you will make that sale or not. Opening your call with a great, interesting statement will make your cold leads want to hear more of what you have to offer.

Don’t forget to make your voicemail messages interesting too. Taking the time to develop an interesting way to opening your telesales calls will make a positive, lasting impression on your leads, and sets you apart from your competition.

The statement you want to open with on a sales call needs to have one unique or distinguishing benefit that you can offer to your customers. For more training in finding your opening hook for all of your telesales calls, contact Simon Kenna.

Here are the steps you can take to create a great opening statement that will really grab your leads attention.

  • Interview your existing customers to find out why they buy from you. Maybe you save them time or money, or sell a great product that makes life so much easier. Opening a sales call with the wow factor of what you’re selling will help to drive that cold lead into a loyal customer.
  • Note down 5 benefits of your products or service. You can use these to build an opening statement that really grabs your client’s attention.
  • Pick one of your 5 benefits that would apply to most people. By making sure it will please a large range of people, you can please almost everyone over a broad market.
  • Show them how your product or service will help them make their lives easier, save time and money and why they should buy it from you and not your competitors.
  • Make your opening statement interesting, creative and different from anyone else’s on the market. Really get those sales in by making your opening unique in your industry.

After you’ve done your opening statement on your cold call, your potential customer will be hooked. Then you can go straight into the questions and build a great rapport that will keep your new client loyal. Leads don’t want a flood of information about your product when you open a telemarketing call, so keep it short but informative to really snap up those sales.