The age of the internet is here and with it, a paradigm shift in the way businesses promote and market their products. Traditional forms of marketing (brochures, radio ads, TV ads, posters, banners, etc.) are fast becoming less effective thanks to advancements in technology.

Think about it for a moment. Scores of people spend their precious time on social media poring over countless videos and memes. Social media platforms have become a fertile ground for individuals who can’t satiate their desire to watch funny, informative, and all sorts of videos imaginable.

What does this mean for your business? Of course, a change of strategy in how you market your business products and services is of the essence. You need to tap into this opportunity and scale your business to greater heights. Of course, chances are that you’ve fumbled with the idea of video production marketing to achieve a competitive edge.

You have an idea of the kind of video that would pique the interest of your target customers. You’ve got it all figured out in your mind. You have a budget and you can’t wait to have that video that will give your business the all-important edge in so far as getting the best of your competitors is concerned. But how do you settle for the best video production company

If this is the first time you are engaging the services of a video production company, chances are that you might be overwhelmed or simply have no idea on how to go about a video production company that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Is this you? If yes, read on to converse yourself with surefire tips for hiring a reliable video production company.

Have a clear objective

As a business, you need to have a clear vision and an objective of what a video production Singapore company you settle for should accomplish. Go for a company that best understands your business philosophy, identifies with your mission statement, and best understands your end objective as regards the promotional video you need to be created. Sometimes you could need an explainer video or a concept presentation.


Yes, you already have a budget in mind. But, be careful not to go for a video production company that is seemingly too cheap or one whose pricing is too good to be true. 

Remember that cheap is expensive and having to redo a video can have serious ramifications on your business finances. Go for a video production company that prices its services reasonably. 

Above all, such a company should clearly indicate all costs related to video production such as travel expenses, actor costs, total package costs, music licensing, to mention a few.

Compliance to Industry Video Standards

Each industry subscribes to a certain code of ethics and professionalism. You should go for a company that strictly adheres to industry standards, and capable of not only producing high definition videos but also videos that are optimized for mobile devices.

Audience Understanding

Creating great promotional videos requires a great understanding of your target audience. A good video production company should have a clear understanding of your target audience, their likes, as well as dislikes. 

This is essential in creating videos that strike a rapport with your target audience. A video production company that understands your audience, have the right experts, tools, and perception of your brand is all you need to hit the right notes and achieve a competitive edge.

Experience and Expertise

Would you want to take a chance with a video production Singapore firm with no expertise or experience? Of course not! With all the video production firms in the market, choosing the best to create promotional videos could be a tad difficult. 

Go for video production firms that have proved their mettle and have verifiable experience in the production of high-quality promotional videos.

To sum it up, how well your promotional video is received and the impact it will have is dependent on the kind of video production Singapore firm you settle for. The above tips should guide and help you settle for a video production company that not only has the right expertise and experience, but whose reputation in video production is above board.