An investment is a good way to grow your money with little or no effort. There are investments that need hours to master but some markets already have professionals, researchers and experts in the field. Both experienced traders and budding investors can benefit from the knowledge and experience of tenured companies.

The stock market is a lucrative venture that rewards the well-informed. Professional trading companies like Universal Asset Management Tokyo review the market behavior before the stock market opens. If you’re a budding investor looking to venture into the stock market then you might want to look for an experienced company to manage your investment portfolio on your behalf.

Universal Asset Management Tokyo Services

Your end goal is to generate profit so it’s important to have your assets managed by a team of professionals. If you want a company like Universal Asset Management Tokyo to review your investment, you can avail any of their services:

  1. Portfolio Management

Veterans and beginners alike can gain advantage from tenured portfolio managers. Each portfolio will have a dedicated manager and a team of researchers to assist in making sound portfolio decisions.

  1. Discretionary Service Management

If you’re a new investor that only cares about numbers and profit then you can take advantage of the discretionary service. This kind of portfolio is a premium account that is actively managed by a team of professionals to act upon tactical trading strategies. The team will analyze the possible risks, returns and profits so they can immediately act on potential gains on your behalf.

Here are the expected inclusions of the discretionary management service:

  • A portfolio that’s built out of nothing. The manager will not be pushing any brands, products or agendas, and there will be no restrictions on the markets you can invest in.
  • A discretionary manager that will make investment decisions for you.
  • Quick and timely investments.
  1. Investment Management Service

An investment service management plan allows you to have a personal investment manager, portfolios that are built from scratch and reviewed bi-annually. This kind of service is available for a fee of 0.75% per annum based on the portfolio value up to 250,000 USD and 0.5% on the excess from aforementioned. You can also take a partner like a spouse under the UAM accounts.

  1. Wealth Management

Money is an important resource to you and your family, but you may sometimes be too busy to manage it well. Universal Asset Management’s team of specialists and researchers are guaranteed to assist you in making sound monetary decisions.

  1. Open-end and Close-end Funds

An open-end fund is often called a mutual fund, which is a safe low-risk investment. A close-end fund is similar to an exchange-traded fund or EFT. These funds are short-term opportunities.


You may not always have the time to manage your assets, which is why companies like Universal Asset Management Tokyo review every account thoroughly. The UAM portfolio managers are professionals with years of experience in trading assets and stocks. Budding investors can take advantage of tenured experts to get the best possible returns on investments.