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Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and the factors which influence them to make a purchase. It includes such aspects as identity of a consumer (who they are and where they are); communication channels (advertising and marketing); decision-making process, mental health, physical health and social status. Having such information helps a company understand how, what, when, where and why customers decide to make a certain purchase.

The study of consumer behavior is focused on the following aspects: purchase activities; emotional responses; disposal activities; behavioral responses; use of consumption activities and cognitive responses. Understanding the behavior of a consumer is of vital importance for every marketing team as it helps them figure out which techniques and channels to use in order to advertise better and to reach different groups of customers. Numerous studies show that there are certain types of decision roles, such as: the influencer, the purchaser, the decider, the user and the initiator. Depending on the particular purchase, sometimes only one and sometimes all decision roles should be performed. Finding out more about consumer behavior helps to target potential customers more effectively; improve products and services; provide customer satisfaction; enhance the value of a company; expand the knowledge on a company’s regular customers, their needs and desires; understand how customers view a company and its products as well as create a competitive advantage on the market.

To sum it up, the study of consumer behavior provides marketers with tons of insights regarding per-purchase activities and post-purchase consumption as well as helps them understand how a typical consumer thinks and makes decisions.