Twitter, Jott, and a girl named Sandy

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IWantSandy Jott TwitterIt all started when I got my iPhone several months ago. My iPhone is the first phone I’ve had that allows me to check emails, check my calendar, check out Craigslist, and get directions. But somehow that wasn’t enough, I wanted more! So in my quest to find new tools to use with my iPhone I’ve come across some websites that are truly INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE I TELL YOU and have completely changed my life! Seriously! Even better yet, they’re all free and you don’t need an iPhone to use them, you can use them with any phone or your computer, woot woot!

So it started when I found Jott. What a concept! I found Jott when I was wishing the iPhone had a built in voice recorder, I used to carry one to record reminders to myself, it looked something like these and you’ve probably seen them before. Anyhow, Jott is like a voice recorder on steroids with the flexibility of a Russian gymnast all inside your phone! It’s amazing. So let me explain…

With Jott you use your phone to call Jott, a woman’s voice then asks you who you would like to Jott, I usually say “myself”, then I say something like “remember to cash all my big fat affiliate checks”. Then I get a nice reminder email in my inbox so when I get home from Wal-Mart I can get on my PC and add the reminder to my ToDo list. However, Jott can do much more, it can not only send emails to yourself, but anyone you want simply by speaking them into your phone, even groups of people that you set up. Jott does even more, some really amazing things…

Jott integrates with many services, one of them I have been playing around with is a service called IWantSandy. Sandy is like your personal assistant, only she’s free, never talks back, and has a perfect memory. Basically she’s a To-Do list manager and reminder service with a lot of flexibility. You can utilize Sandy in a lot of ways, but here’s what I’ve been doing…

Let’s say I am driving to my Aunt Ethel’s house for dinner. I get a call from Matt, he’s my business partner, Matt says he wants to meet tomorrow at 4:00pm. I have a million things going on tomorrow and by 4:00pm tomorrow I’ll be lucky if I remember my name. So after my phone call with Matt I call Jott. Jott says “Who would you like to Jott?”.

I reply “Sandy”. Then I say… “Remember to meet Matt tomorrow at 4:00pm”.


Tomorrow morning when I go to my inbox Sandy has my daily To-Do list summary already sent to me which says “Meet Matt at 4:00pm”. I have Sandy start working earlier than I do at 8:00am, yet you can have Sandy start working whenever you decide and have her send your daily To-Do list digest anytime you’d like.

Like I said though, tomorrow I have a MILLION things going on, and sometimes even if I read something in the morning by 4:00pm I forget all about it, however I have NO FEAR, Sandy’s got it handled. I told Sandy to text message me 15 minutes before any reminders I set, so at 3:45 I get a text on my iPhone telling me to call Matt, AND I get an email from Sandy as well. It would be pretty hard to forget to call Matt now, in fact I even called him a few minutes before 4:00pm, he said “Miles, you’re always on the ball! I wish I could be half as organized as you.”. :)

So I’ve been playing around with Sandy (get your mind out of the gutter), yet recently Jott started integrating with Google Calendar, which will be nice as I currently use Google Calendar to organize my life and send me SMS reminders of various events, so in a future post I will let you know how that goes and if I fire Sandy in exchange for using Google calendar or keep her around.

Something else I’ve been doing with Jott is Twittering! Twitter is a service that allows you to send short little blurbs about what you’re doing and share them in a variety of ways. You can see my Twitter box on the right hand side of this page. I can call Jott, say “Twitter”, and say something like “Eating a Chalupa at Taco Bell”. Automatically my Twitter is updated and anyone that is following my Twitters or is looking at my website knows what I am doing and how long ago the event took place. Although this may sound stupid, and I admit it kind of is depending on how you use it, it’s EXTREMELY popular. I have several theories behind why this is so popular…

1.) Twitter makes people feel like someone really cares about what they are doing. It’s true, try it and you’ll see. It’s all about the feeling of importance and when you Twitter or blog, you find that having an audience associated with your activities makes them a bit different.

2.) Interconnectedness. Groups of friends, especially teenagers always want to know what they are doing, Twitter goes hand in hand with this.

3.) When Internet Marketing/Personal Development is concerned I once heard someone say “It’s all about how close you want to get to your Guru.”. Which is so true, people want to follow certain people, for whatever reason, Guru, celebrity, etc. It’s the same psychology of why CROWDS of paparazzi follow Britney Spears just to buy a StarBucks coffee and then millions of people watch the video of it. Perhaps she should start Twittering!

So are there any drawbacks to using these services? Well, I think it depends on the person and how they use it. For example personal privacy comes to mind with Twitter. However, for the services themselves I can say that sometimes Jott has trouble recognizing what I say.

Here’s an example…

There’s another great feature that Jott has which works with Tonight I was cutting up a nice fresh tomato for a sandwich when I thought to myself “These knifes suck, I need some new nice ones”. So I called Jott, I said “” to which it replied “Name a product”. I said “Knife Set”.

Later when I’m back on my PC I had the Top 5 products on Amazon for that product waiting in my inbox. However, it didn’t help me much since Jott thought I said ‘NICE SET’. :(

Here are some great videos on how you can use Jott.

3 Comments on “Twitter, Jott, and a girl named Sandy”

  1. 1 Doug said at 11:41 am on December 17th, 2007:

    Miles, great services … I think I can use Jott right away. Thanks again.

  2. 2 Deb. said at 10:05 am on December 27th, 2007:

    Great info. I had never heard of jott, now I am signed up and jotting…lol. Thanks, Deb.

  3. 3 BizDevMarketing said at 2:17 pm on January 9th, 2008:

    Glad you’re blogging again :)

    Concerning Jott –
    Given the no-go on 3rd party iPhone apps, it will be interesting to see whether a sortof ’roundabout’ secondary market emerges through the back door. I.e; technology companies identifying needs and filling them without the need for integration.

    As for twitter, I know a lot of online marketers are using it to track their online campaigns, too. Logging activities (especially pertaining to social media involvement) leaves a paper trail to track metohds/successes.

    PS. I got my first adsense check today. Hehe.