Digital marketing has become a necessity even for pearl jewelers. Pearl jewelry business can be promoted online to attract customers towards your storefront or ecommerce jewelry site. It will help to exponentially increase your revenue. Some marketing tips given below have been proved to deliver return on investment.

Your jewelry website

A user-friendly, aesthetically appealing, professional and updated website will reveal a lot about you and people judge your jewelry and shop by the impression made on the internet. Even if you are not selling pearl earrings or bracelets or other jewelry online, regularly update the website with HD images of new products.



Optimizing your pearl jewelry website means altering it in a way that search crawlers understand your site easily and rank it high. If SEO is missed then you will miss potential traffic and sales to competitors.

Email marketing

Never purchase email list because it may end up in spam or get deleted. The effort you made in crafting ideal newsletter to promote your pearls will be wasted. It is wise to have newsletter sign sheet on your website or jewelry shop. Request people to subscribe for newsletter and receive latest deals, sales, and designs.

Obviously, building a huge e-mail database will be challenging and time-consuming but the engagement and open rates will be high. You can have fun and experiment with features like ‘Pearl of the month’!


Blog post is a good platform, which helps you establish yourself as a pearl jewelry expert. Write interesting and engaging blog posts related to pearls. Be informative, creative, engaging and funny, so that audience visit your blog regularly. Update blog conveys a good signal to search engines. You can blog regularly about the variety of jewelry pieces you add to your display.

Social media

Social media presence allows improving brand exposure. Promote, educate as well as engage people on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media monitoring is vital because when readers engage with your posts they may leave a comment.

You need to interact with them give solutions, clear doubts and say thank you. You can share relevant posts because you don’t wish to be seen as a person having a big mouth.

PPC advertising

PPC ads get displayed besides Google search results. You just need to pay for the clicks made. It helps to gauge several success aspects of your campaign.