Do you know which country has the most expensive currency in the world? The countries with the biggest economis of the world are the one who hold the most expensive currency in the world too. The value of the currency of any country depends upon the GDP and Annual revenue of that country. USD, GBP and Euro are the some currencies which are used in foreign exchange markets. Click here for more information. Almost every country has their own currencies and some countries exceed the value of above mention currencies.  

Dollar of Bahamian – The currency of Bahamian dollar is same as the US dollar.  Located in the Atlantic island, Bahamian is a small country in Lucayan Archipelago. The country alone flourishes on tourism which brings the sixty percent of countries GDP and covering most of its workforce.

Swiss currency– Swiss franc is also comes in the list of world’s most expensive currencies. Switzerland is one the wealthiest country with its huge purchasing power and thriving economy.

Kuwaiti dinar – Kuwait is the exporter of crude oil and has the world’s highest currency in the world. The Kuwaiti dinar is high from US dollar also; one dinar is equal to US$ 3.46.

British bound – Pound is the oldest currency which used all over the world.  The currency of United Kingdom is commonly known as the pound. The currency of England is also comes in the list of highest currency, 1 pound is equal to 1.42 US$.

European currency – Euro is the official currency of European countries. Europe is the second traded and second largest currency in the world. 1 euro is equal to 1.09 US$.

There are many other countries that have a wealthiest economy in the world like Omani Rial, Libyan dinar, Bruneian dollar, etc are also comes in the list of most expensive currencies in the wolrd.