Whether you need to relocate an employee due to a lack of space or you’re offering a promotion that requires them to move, it’s common to offer a relocation package that will ensure that the transfer goes smoothly.

Since this is a bit of a touchy and sensitive situation for both the employer and the employee, offering a relocation package can help to incentivize the employee to relocate with a smile.

Most of the time, these are valuable employees that greatly contribute to the company. And even though employers aren’t obliged to offer these relocation packages, they choose to do so in order to nurture the relationship with an important employee.

If this is your case, ensuring a smooth transition for your employee should be your number one priority and offering a typical relocation package should make the entire situation less stressful on both ends.

The Relocation Package Eliminates Stress of Transition

While there is a significant rise in corporate relocation, this still is a somewhat stressful situation. With more and more companies realizing the benefits of relocating employees to new locations, providing support to your employees during the move helps boost collaboration.

Here is what your typical relocation package should include:

Orientation trip – traveling to their new location to investigate accommodation options and familiarize with the new area is a common thing. These trip costs include ground and airfare transportation, meals and hotels.

Transportation and moving costs – all expenses of the transportation and relocation should be covered by the employer to ensure an easier transition.

Home sale costs – all costs associated with selling a current home and buying a new one fall on the employer.

Spousal support –  providing support for married employees and their families.

Make their relocation as painless as possible and ensure a long and happy business relationship.