So, you’re interested in using CPM ad networks with your website or blog for the purpose of increasing your profits, but still uncertain where to start? No worries! Here, we’ll tackle some of the top CPM advertising networks you should check. Keep reading to learn more!  

But, first of all, …

What is CPM?  

Also called Cost per Impression (or mile), CPM advertising is an excellent way to generate income with a website or blog. CPM ad pays you depending on the number of impressions the advertisement gained. In some cases, it is much more appealing to bloggers who receive a high traffic volume.   

You can earn a good amount of money if you’re driving a lot of traffic on a daily and monthly basis (like a few thousand visitors every day). A whopping $1 to $10 can be earned for every one thousand impressions, though it still depends on numerous factors.  

Top 10 CPM Advertising Networks for Advertisers and Bloggers

Following are the best-paid advertising networks we could recommend:  

  1.    Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is undeniably one of the most popular ad networks available, offering several advertising options to advertisers and publishers such as banner ads, pop-under ads, pop-up ads, and mobile ads. It features instant approval, and it’s easy to create and launch new campaigns. 


It is a contextual ad network which operates Bing and Yahoo! contextual ad platform. guarantees top-quality and high paying ads for publishers. Among the major benefits included are easy to use and clean reporting system, revenue and ROI optimization capabilities, multiple ads sizes, contextual advertisements, and has an assigned manager who helps publishers optimize their ads.  

  1.    Adbuff

It is both a CPC (cost per click) and CPM ad network associated with the biggest advertising exchanges. It is considered the best Google AdSense alternative and allows advertisers to bid in real-time for their inventory to increase revenue. Adbuff boasts a sign-up bonus, higher CPMs, an advanced real-time dashboard, among others.  

  1.    BuySellAds

The BuySellAds network has no minimum traffic requirements, making it ideal both for webmasters and newbie bloggers. They allow advertisers to purchase impressions on a website with its simple-to-use platform. Ads are offered in numerous sizes and can be customized in accordance to your needs.

  1.    Conversant Media  

Another popular CPM advertising network on the list, Conversant Media (formerly called ValueClick Media) boasts publishers who are industry leaders for various domains and niches such as retail and automobile. The minimum traffic requirement is 3000 visitors a month while the minimum payout threshold is $25.      

  1.    Exponential

The best thing about Exponential? The network offers high-quality CPM advertisements, which provides you with high-potential revenue ads with 55 percent revenue going to the publisher. Exponential adheres to strict standards such as a professional and updated design and a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors a month. 

However, keep in mind that no matter how good your CPM ads network is, your goal won’t be reached if you don’t have the best-optimized campaign. Overall this is an excellent way to attract more visitors to click on your ads and generate more profits, and many advertising networks and platforms, like the Click2Sell platform, help newbies and experienced marketers alike to create unique advertising campaigns from scratch.