It is the age of technological advancements. But with great technological advancements come the threat of environmental pollution and climate change. The more advanced human civilization becomes, the more is the environment faces crisis. One of the most prominent problems of the current generation is the problem of global warming and climate change. As the earth’s atmosphere becomes hot day by day, it is becoming difficult to maintain the regular routine. This is because warm weather makes it difficult to work for the people be it in an office set-up or in ahouse. However, technological advancements have made some progress in making homes cooler than their outside environment through the use of HVAC systems.

What is the HVAC system and how it works?

HVAC is an acronym which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is used to provide heating and cooling for residential as well as commercial buildings. HVAC systems are even used in submarine systems as it provides the regular environmental effects inside the vessel. The basic principle of the HVAC system is fairly simple. It uses the fresh air of the outside environment to provide high quality air in the indoor conditions. The ventilation system helps in removing pollutants and other harmful components such as airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, dust, etc.

What are main functions and parts of a HVAC system?

The three main functions of HVAC systems are related. The three functions are heating, ventilation and air conditioning. There are basically nine parts of an HVAC system. They are namely, air return, filter, ducts, electrical elements, exhaust outlet, outdoor unit, coils, compressor and blower. All these components have different roles and thus help in the overall maintenance of clean and fresh high quality air inside your room. For example, the filter system cleans the air that comes from outside. The filters are sophisticated so that it can weed out pollutants like PMs, dust, allergens, air borne bacteria, etc. The filters however need to be changed on a regular basis for maintaining high air quality. On similar line it is important that you find good quality hvac supplies. These supplies generally include humidifiers, filtration system, heating systems and controllers, etc.

Get good quality HVAC supplies for your building project

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