The improved feasibility and availability of personal and business loans have enabled a lot of people to fulfil their dreams. Whether it is to own a vehicle or start a small business, it has been made possible using loans from credible sources which do not put a dent in your plans. At the same time, the same ease may make some attuned to the idea of easy money in case of troubles. Therefore, it is important to understand the nuances and reasons for taking a loan before jumping on the bandwagon and taking one.

Advantages of taking a loan

While some loans are meant for a specific purpose – like a car loan for purchasing a car, a home loan for a house and so one, others may be more ambiguous and used for various purposes. A personal loan may be used to pay off other debts or for other activities like maintaining your home. Small business loans may be useful in adding incremental capital to the business. Either way, a loan will help you be financially more independent and utilize a chunk of money for a specific purpose while paying it back in small amounts.

Why you should not take a loan

Most of the small loans – be it business or personal are without collateral which means banks do not ask for a guarantee on your loan. However, in order for the banks to give you these loans, they charge a high-interest rate which may actually break the bank. Anytime you can pay for something from your pocket and savings, you should explore that idea before turning to a loan. Instead of paying additional money as interest, you would much rather save that and utilize it elsewhere. Also, repayment of loans is essential so as to maintain a good credit history.