Many restaurant owners are using social media to market their restaurants in Toronto as their major marketing strategy. Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are considered to be the best tools for marketing out there to be used for free; adding blogs and many other sites will improve on your total social media marketing campaign.

Below are some strategic techniques to help you get positive results:

  1. Social media platforms such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc are free to use and are used by many small and large businesses. On all social media sites, just upload the details of your address book and see people who are already on the network and add them as friends.
  2. Get a video commercial about your business and upload it on You Tube, your social media profiles and your website.
  3. Consistently make updates and continuously grow your fan base, send them updates about special events and also persuade your fans to join your frequent email lists. Social media sites are easy to begin and use on a daily basis. Whatever you write about your restaurant will go viral.
  4. Include a sign up form on your website and send news or special events to your visitors via email.
  5. Create a blog and add key words to your blog post.
  6. Get involved in a non-profit project. While giving back, you will receive more press attention in return.
  7. Design a brochure or postcard about offers for your business and distribute them at networking events, trade shows, visitor’s bureaus, local convention centers, area businesses, concierges, event gift bags, visitor bureaus etc.
  8. Read the print at the base of magazine and newspaper articles. Writers are always seeking for suggestions and ideas for stories. Offer an idea and you might get a free exposure.

According to research, restaurants who advertise in times of recession usually overcome it before their competitors make a head way. It is imperative that your business remain visible on social media platforms and not to depend only on your present customer base to keep your head above the waters. If there are no funds available for advertising, there are other resources to turn to so that your business will remain visible but you have to be creative about it.  

These are only a few ideas to keep your business in the face of customers while spending little. The key to attaining success in promoting your business is to create time, plan properly and execute tenaciously.

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Social media sites provide an avenue for authors to relate with their readers. Readers can comment on a blog post, a twitter tweet can be replied by a tweet, retweet or direct message. YouTube videos also allow for likes and comments from viewers.

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