It’s not mandatory to hire a lawyer in order to apply for a green card or an immigration visa in the USA if your case is a straightforward one. No complexities involved clearly mean that you can easily qualify for the sought-after benefits. Anyone with a clean record – which means no negative run-ins with immigration officers, pilfering or other types of crimes – can smoothly proceed to receive a green card or visa without any immigration attorney.

Why to Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

However, not everyone is in luck. There are many with blots in their copybook and odds won’t click in their favor. Forget smooth sailing; big hurdles are awaiting your way to the final destination and chances are pretty high for you to fall and fail to get your visa or green card. This is a scary scenario where setting up a consultation with an experienced attorney like Goldstein Immigration Lawyers can definitely help turn the tide in your favor.

Immigration laws involve layers of insanely complex knots. Adding to the woes and worries is the fact that it’s run and regulated by a bureaucracy that seldom receives public scrutiny and oversight. Following is a selection of few situations where hiring an immigration attorney exceeds beyond an option to become an intelligent decision.

Failing to Figure out Your Options

Let’s imagine you are a competent craftsman or an employer who wants to hire a competent hand. A worker is entitled to apply for multiple types of green cards or visas but it’s beyond one’s understanding what is best or fastest.

An immigration lawyer recommends which visa suits the employer’s needs and matches the worker’s qualification and experience.

Employers Willing to Hire Foreign-Born Workers

If you own a business, spending time on solving the puzzles of immigration-related details makes zero sense. Any hope to sponsor a worker for a green card will take you through the process of LABOUR CERTIFICATION. You have to give ads for the job. Let’s remind you that advertisement process involves lots and layers of complications – making it possible for only particular types of ads to be acceptable.

The ads must have a specific language and involve multiple deadlines and time frames. Therefore, chances of getting it wrong cannot be overruled.

Many immigration lawyers have specialization in the FORM 9089. They guide the employers throughout the PERM process and many other varieties of visa applications.

Going through Immigration Court Proceedings

If you are encountering or have ever been through the immigration court deportation process, hurry up to hire a lawyer as any lackadaisical attitude or approach is going to ruin your hope to get a green card or visa.

If the proceedings are on appeal or not complete yet, your immigration condition completely rests with the decision of the courts. Remember that any effort to use the same immigration application will go into vain as you don’t share the same stage with those not in proceedings.

Being Overwhelmed with Paperwork

Even the simplest immigration application for the USA green card or visa requires gathering details and completing forms to prove your eligibility. And it goes without insisting that these are overwhelming works for any layman.

Immigration lawyers deal with the voluminous and vital paperwork more often. So, pass the bulk of paperwork to the person who is knowledgeable, intelligent and experienced in this regard. That will save your time, energy, effort and more importantly, bail you out of your worries and take you through the successful immigration application.