Today, some of the commonest industrial equipment and devices are boilers. They are used in the food industry, paper industry, metal smelting, heating engineering and building material niches for activities such as heating and cleaning. To increase the efficiency of your industrial boilers and cut related costs, here are some practical methods to consider.

Regularly Maintain Your Boiler and Its System

One of the main causes of boiler inefficiencies is poor or lack of maintenance. After using your industrial boiler for some time, different components such as sensors, piping network, and other components are bound to wear down. These have been demonstrated to be important causes of inefficiencies. To improve the efficiency of your boiler, you should consider following the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will ensure every component of the boiler operates smoothly and as anticipated. As demonstrated here, you should also ensure to have the right staff to monitor your facility and detect any problem easily.

Consider Reusing the Heat

Heat loss from boilers is another common cause of inefficiency. When the heat generated by burning fuel or electricity is not used optimally, it gets lost. To reduce this loss, you can opt to reuse the heat. For example, you can consider using a blowdown heat recovery unit, or an economizer. When applied properly, an economizer can boost your system’s efficiency by about 8%.

When shopping for an economizer, make sure to look for the model that matches your boiler system. You should also factor things such as fuel type and operating condition.

Enhancing the Boiler Feed System

To enhance the efficiency of the system, it is worth noting that you have to go beyond the boiler. One of the most important systems is the feed system. By improving the feed system, you will also enhance the overall boiler’s output. For example, exchangers can be used for preheating water to reduce the work of your boiler.

Another important enhancement is installing variable speed controls on the feed pumps. This implies that the system’s motor will never run beyond the required speed.

Reduce Excess Air

In order to complete combustion, boilers require excess air. While it is true that this is necessary, the available excess air can vary the efficiency of a boiler. But again, you must avoid limiting the air too much because it can cause the development of soot. To provide just the right amount of air in your boiler system, you should consider using automated combustion control systems that intelligently monitor the required quantities.

To enhance the efficiency of your industrial facility, it is prudent to ensure that every system is operating well. You should especially focus on the boiler and use the above strategies to increase its efficiency.