Is money tight for you right now? Do you find it hard to make enough to cover your monthly expenses? While you may not be able to force your boss to give you a raise or promotion, there are ways you could bring in more income every month. Lots of people are doing it and have been able to do everything from getting out of debt to pay for their kid’s college tuition. It’s called a side hustle. This is a side business that you work on in your spare time to bring in extra cash.

You’ve got to spend money to make money. Though you’re excited about the idea of a side hustle, you’ll need the funds to get started. If you don’t have it saved up or in the budget, you could always apply for quick cash loans online. They don’t require much information to qualify and will give you as much as $1200 in your checking account within a day. That could certainly be enough to launch your side hustle.

Here are a few ideas you can start today with very little money to invest:

  • Freelance Writer – If you have the creative ability to write newsletters, articles, blog posts, and other digital content, you could have a future in freelance writing. Working as an independent contractor you’d essentially be paid to write. Since there are no products you have to invest in and you already have a computer, you could essentially get started for free.
  • Lawn Care – If the virtual world really isn’t your thing or you don’t have much of a creative writing mind another option is manual labor. If you’ve got a lawnmower, shovel, rake, and some plastic bags you can make some decent money on this old-school method of entrepreneurship.
  • Professional Consultant – If you have specialized skills that other organizations could benefit from you could become a professional consultant. Whether you work in marketing, accounting, or information technology you can get paid to help businesses establish and/or repair processes. All you’d need is a professional website and social media accounts to start networking.
  • Rideshare – Here’s a popular way to earn money that you can do in your spare time, ridesharing. This is where you act as a taxi service and transport passengers to nearby destinations. Drivers get decent cash paid to them weekly. You’ll need to have your car serviced to make sure it’s up for the extra mileage, and you’ll also need to budget for the cost of gas.

Your paycheck may not be enough to get you from one week to the next, but there are ways to boost your income. Give yourself a raise by going into business for yourself or becoming an independent contractor. The extra money can help you do everything from taking a vacation to boost your retirement savings.