Well, I have seen many articles where people are claiming to make money through sweepstakes but it does not look the way it seems. Because sweepstakes are the games based on winning and due to its odd probability it is really hard to make money. Just imagine millions of people participate and only a few are the winners and in those millions of participant, you are going to win the jackpot. 

I have recently read an article where a person won $5000 in sweepstakes and he has been participating in that survey for more than 5 years. A person like me won’t even try after two or three attempts here he was consistent for over half a decade. So I think it is just his luck otherwise winning that sweepstakes have no other significant logic. Now days almost every company has its own survey & sweepstakes with various rewards and discount coupons. But very few of them are actually good to enter. 

Why companies offer sweepstakes & surveys?

These days the most difficult thing is to retain your customers and you can’t do this until you know what your customers actually need. What are the product and services which they don’t like and what are things where they are looking for some improvement? Now the only solution for this is to conduct the surveys and collect the feedback from each customer. But the biggest problem is that how to encourage the customers to participate in the surveys for that company has found a solution through sweepstakes. In exchange for surveys, some of the customers will get the discounted coupons or cash prize. 

Everyone knows that winning probability is too low but still they would like to participate reason the feedback has reward value attached to it. And this is the most important driving factor for any company it increases the number of participants and also helps in marketing. 

On basis of these surveys, the company analyze its data and plan their marketing strategy and improve their product and services. But in all that complete process the chances of making money is so small that you can never consider this as a real source of money. Although winning does provide you with some financial benefits but it does not have any relevance if it is not certain. 

Surveys where people made some real money

Still, I have seen many articles where people have shared their winning proofs and I don’t disagree with that they made money but its only based on luck. Because you won’t find the same person on the next winning list or there are very fewer chances the same person won the sweepstakes multiple times for the same brand. 

And this is not enough I have seen many websites are publishing data only relate to sweepstakes where you can find all the details such as how to enter? survey prize, their rules, and policies. You can find sweepstakes from popular brands like mcdvoice and Jacklistens .

I have also found many survey sites which are paying very small amounts for completing their surveys. These are low paying sites and in the entire day, you can’t make more than $2 which was quite shocking to me. However, some of the people are claiming they are making thousands of dollars in a month which is unbelievable for me. Because I personally registered and tried and found maximum you can make is $2 in a day which is not worth. I think people are just creating hype to increase their referrals as these websites also offer earning through referral programs. In my personal opinion, these sites are just a waste of time and I would prefer to utilize my time in some other productive work rather than wasting on these survey sites. 

Never believe what others are claiming you should review everything at your end. do the testing and then analyze the results if things are working only then continue else drop it don’t bang your head by looking others rewards. They could be fake or manipulative and most of the time a lay man does not understand the difference between these two. 

Never buy products in order to enter the sweepstakes

This could be a disaster if you have bought the product just because there is a bumper reward attached to the sweepstakes. This is because we know the chances are very less and we are going to spend a certain amount on something which has no guarantee to provide any return. So never buy any products just because of sweepstakes always ensure to go for only those which are part of your daily buying. Else it would lead you to waste your money and time both. 

my personal experience with the sweepstakes is not so good I have been following more than 8 surveys and most of them are related with good brands. It has been more than 18 months and I have not made a single penny. I am not saying not to try any surveys but do not expect that you are going to get the jackpot no matter how lucrative the deal is. 

At the last, it is just an opportunity to win amazing prizes in exchange for your feedback and not the income source of true income. However, if you are getting the opportunity to enter in the sweepstakes you should always go for that. But never waste your time to make money with surveys.