Most people are not aware of the difference between the interior and exterior paints. They assume that the two can be used interchangeably. However, there are specific differences between the two and in this post we will highlight those to explain why you should never use the interior paints in place of the exterior paints.

  1. Outside walls face harsh weather: – It is no doubt that the outer walls experiences harsher weather environment on a regular basis than the indoor ones. This is why the paints for outside walls have UV protection. The colour is also highly permanence even in the direct sunlight. The interior paints will not be able to withstand the rainfall, strong winds and air pollution over the period of times.
  2. Smooth finish: – Apart from their inability to handle the harsher weather, the interior paints do not have the thickness to provide a more seamless finish to the surface. There are a lot of addictive, binders and pigments which makes it thick and brings the lustre on the outside walls of the house. The outdoor paints are heavily resistant towards the cracking and the dirt.
  1. Different intent: – Exterior paints are designed primarily to withstand the extreme weather whereas the indoor paints job is to hold up against the sticking and scratching. The interior paints need to resist the cleaning as something often gets spilt up onto the walls.
  1. VOC: – The indoor paints have the lowest amount of Volatile organic compounds (VOC) as they are often associated with both the long and short-term health problems such as a headache.

Should you go for exterior painting with the interior colours?

We do not recommend at all saving some money on the exterior paints. The interior paints will never match up to the quality to withstand the exterior environments. It is important to note that the ramifications of choosing interior colours in this scenario can be costly too as the painting defects will inevitably arise later on.

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