The manufacturing industry is one of the many industries that have integrated the use of collaborative robots in their everyday processes. Gone are the days when humans did most of the work with some help from traditional industrial immobile robots. Today’s cobots are nothing compared to the industrial robots of yester years. They create efficiency in every stage of the production starting from handling of raw materials to packing and delivering the finished products. They can work alongside humans without causing any harm.

Universal Robots is one of the companies in the forefront of manufacturing some of the most advanced collaborative robots. They have also gone a step further to manufacture an electrical adaptive gripper known as Robotiq Hand-E Gripper for some of their collaborative robots.  This makes it even easier for the collaborative robots to be more flexible and to unlock many industrial applications in use. Now there is even more reason why industries and especially assembly lines should incorporate cobots in their day-to-day activities.

Why should industries turn to cobots? Below are some of the benefits a cobot with the help of a robotiq Hand-E Gripper will bring to your business.


With the help of the gripper, the robotics become even more flexible. It is now much easier to customise them to carry out even the most complex functions.

Cost effective

Automation helps ease many handles in the work place putting the company in a better competitive edge. Automation also reduces costs and it works for every kind of business irrespective of the size.

Eliminates monotony

Using robotics humans get a relief from carrying out repetitive dangerous and mundane tasks. They can work on other desirable jobs that do not require much help from robotics. This freeing of labour allows companies to make maximum use of the workers skills that could benefit many other areas of the organisation. The robotics also eliminates the any shortfalls in labour.

More returns on investment

Using robotics allow businesses to maximise their profits thus increasing their ROI. They save on utilities and overheads like lighting, wages and cut down on calamities like downtimes, which helps the business to produce more.

Better safety

Universal Robots has some of the safest robotics in the market. They work alongside humans without harming them or interfering with their work. They take on some of the most risky jobs thus saving humans from harm. They also carry out the tasks that would otherwise be health hazards to the humans like handling of highly hazardous materials. Material handling

Robots are capable of handling even the smallest of items that the human fingers cannot hold. Some of the items are not even visible to the naked human’s eyes. It is for this reason that more and assembly plants are designing products that only a robotic can handle.

Error detection

Robotics detects errors better and faster than humans do. With an error free environment, businesses are able to maximise their profits and cut down on costs. This also makes the companies become reliable and trustworthy which attracts more clients.

Places in the manufacturing industry that need robots the most

Some of the best jobs for the robotics in manufacturing industries are

  • Movement of materials from the loading place to the manufacturing plant
  • Machine tool lending processes
  • Handling of materials in every stage
  • De-palletising and palletisation
  • Assembly lines
  • Welding processes that include; arc welding, metal welding, gas welding, resistance welding and submerged welding.

Wrapping it up

By using robotics with the grippers, manufacturing industries will double their production tenfold. It takes less time to complete a whole cycle of product processing than it did before. The return on investments goes a notch higher and their is more relaxation at work places. What is better is that the robotics occupy very little space and they are not a hindrance to anything the humans do alongside them. By visiting, you can learn much more about the Robotiq Hand-E Gripper and all its benefits.