When one dedicates to the world of the company, the commerce or has some type of visibility, there are delicate situations that we should face like lack of financing due to a bad credit reputation. This problem has been solved for years following two simple advices: paying the debts and hiring a company to manage our commercial and financial image. They can makeus disappear from inappropriate registries. With the arrival of the Internet, another form of reputation has appeared: online reputation. Many of us have had to search for solution in order to repair or improve brand image. To do this, there are companies whose job is to solve online reputation crisis, a very thorough work that I will explain.

First step: analysis of digital media

Before improving the online reputation of a company, individual or professional, you have to know which platforms have more visibility and what are the main causes of a bad reputation. Here is a list of those digital channels:

  • Social networks: where negative opinions about the company appear.
  • Search engines: negative items that appear in the top positions of the SERPs.
  • Forums: again, negative opinions about the product, service or company.
  • Blogs with a lot of diffusion: spaces where negative articles are written, which are also well-positioned in the search engines.

Once the channels that cause a loss of reputation have been detected, it is time to start working on the strategy to follow in order tosolve the problem.

Strategy to recover a good reputation online

At first, if the company or professional has made mistakes in the distribution of a product or service, it will be necessary to do things well and then change negative data for positive information.

  • In the case of social networks, it is important to respond to negative criticism with truthful information that offers another version of the negative opinion orclarifies that problems that caused bad reputation have been solved already. It is all about transmitting you are working to find a solution for the problem. It is also important to provide a useful response to each negative opinion.
  • The same previous case can be applied to the forums, where you have to register in each of them to write opinions or explanations.
  • When negative articles appear in the first positions of search engines, the solution is to create quality content adapted to the key phrases or keywords that SERPs position with negative articles. This way, those articlesgo down and down giving way to our positive articles.
  • According to negative articles, if we have the possibility of leaving comments, we should do it.

Management and control of reputation crisis

The strategy we just presented is designed to recover the reputation of a companyor a person that has already suffered that issue in their personal or corporate image. However, every day more and more companies and individuals do not wait for this to happen, but they turn to online image management companies. These companies perform a constant control of the online reputation and manage any kind of crisis from the very first moments. This way, it does not become a total crisis, because it is solved quickly and efficiently. In addition, these companies also offer legal advice to detect if those reputation crises are caused by criminal acts and how to legally defend us from them.