Recruiting software makes it easier for the recruiting agencies and recruiter to streamline the candidate search and recruiting operations. Recruiting software automates various aspects of recruiting operations like job posting, resume review, interviews to the hiring process. With powerful search functions, the recruiting software helps you find the best candidates quickly and effortlessly. The recruiting software for agencies also helps to stay ahead in the hiring process. There are a number of recruiting software which comes with different prices and features. The requirements and the size of the agency are the two factors which help to figure out the right recruitment software for your agency. In simple terms, recruitment software enhances the hiring manager’s potential. With an efficient recruitment tool on board, the agency can simplify the hiring procedures and save some time. The automation of the recruitment software also helps the agency to reach more candidates and identify the suitable candidates. In this article, we’ll explore how recruiting software is beneficial for an agency!

  1. Painless Application Tracking

Applicant tracking is a tricky thing. Most of the times hiring agencies realize that they hired a wrong fit and missed out on the better application. Application tracking could be a nightmare. It’s not easy to go through thousands of applications and there is a scope of errors. It becomes even more challenging if you are hiring for a top position. It is very much possible to misplace or lose the applications. Recruitment software provides a system to store and keep track of all the applications. It sorts them and fetches only the applications which you need at the moment. Sort and track by the qualification, interview, training, experience etc. Recruiting software makes it easy for the agencies to filter the candidates, so that they can compare the narrowed down candidates head to head. The very best recruiting software for agencies, like Recruiterflow makes this whole process a really really easy.

  1. Data Security

Candidates share personal details like salary details, social security numbers, addresses etc. with the hiring agencies. Hiring process demands certain personal details from all the applicants and it is the responsibility of the agency to safeguard the data. Recruiting software for agencies ensures that the data is stored in an encrypted format and it can only be accessed by authorized persons. The traditional paper-based recruitment process is generally stored in a filing cabinet. It is really hard to maintain and no one is sure about the security. The leakage of data leads to the unwanted situations for the candidates which could lead to a lawsuit for the hiring agency. The other benefit of a recruitment software is it protects the data even from natural disasters or hard drive crash as the data is stored in the cloud-based storage.

  1. Effective Communication

A recruiting software acts as a single window system where the hiring manager can stay up to date on each and every task their team members are handling. The team members can update the information at every stage, so the recruitment report is always ready. It improves the communication between the team members and eliminates the clue-lessness completely.

  1. Database

It is not easy to store piles of paper. Sorting it out is the other challenge.  Recruitment software stores all the applications and resumes in one place. You can just allow the candidates to sign in to the platform and upload the resume. The best thing is you can collect unlimited amounts of applications and resumes and use the data whenever you need it for hiring in the future.

  1. Anytime Access

Businesses only succeed when they adapt to the new technological advancements. One of the key benefits of a recruitment software is it enables the hiring team to access the candidate information wherever or whenever you need it. You can make the hiring decisions even during the vacations.

Going through volumes of data is exhausting and time-consuming. Recruitment software automates most of the things and makes the recruitment process easier for the hiring managers. With features like cloud-based storage, data security, improvised communication between the team members etc, a recruitment software is an excellent solution for all the recruitment issues. There are dozens of recruiting software for agencies. You have to pick the right one based on the size of your agency and its specific requirements. With a great recruiting software on board, you can automate many hiring procedures and just concentrate on picking up the right talent for the company.