Web conferencing is now simple through the popular ezTalks Webinar  service. However, things are even simpler with the two highercapacity and powerful editions related on it namely the ezTalks Webinar sand gototraining. Both of these services are equally good and offer all of the features of ezTalks Webinar but there are a few added advantages. You can use one of these or all of these if you need for your organizationin a fiscal year. Just make sure that you know the difference between them. The ezTalks Webinar  is more suitable for intimate audience of about twenty-five attendees and is designed to provide formal training and education.

Specific Webinar Features

On the other hand the ezTalks Webinar  is designed for about a thousand audiences. This webinar software helps in publicfacing webinars, major organizational even and largescale presentations. However, both the products have the ezTalks Webinar license but the GoToWebinar includes specific webinar features such as inviting additional guest panelists to participate, hosting an audio conference with all of the fellow organizers in a ‘green room’ before beginning the presentation. It also includes a question and answer feature that enables you to field questions from different participants on real time basis. Apart from that it offers the most important practice session to rehearse the demonstration before going live.

The Gototraining Features

The GoToTraining includes the specific webinar services and features such as option for charging for training through online payments. It also allows you to track revenue earned from the training sessions via the payment service providers. It contains a library for storing reusable contents such as documents, recordings and surveys. Apart from that it includes course catalogs that help in scheduling multiple training sessions with the name, description, date, priceand registration links specified. You can share previously recorded sessions through online, design and test material to use before, during, and after a training session as well.

The Shared And Additional Features

If you subscribe from a reliable, source then you do not have to purchase these separately for accounting and conducting simple web conferences. The best free video webinar tool will have useful features such as a dashboard to view attendance, audience questions, attentivenessand feedback all in a central location. Other features include polls and surveys to get feedback from the participant real time during a presentation, seeing detailed reports on the training sessions and most effective and result driven webinars, application sharing, drawing tools, multiple monitor support and instant messaging applications.