If you’re thinking about buying a car but you don’t have enough money to do so, you need to start planning. Buying a used car is definitely not a bad idea considering it’s far cheaper than purchasing a brand new car. This may still be expensive but for most people, it’s more affordable. So, how do you ensure that you can still afford a car even with limited financing?

Assess your financial options

You need to assess what you have, how much you’re making, and how much savings you currently have. If you don’t have any savings at all, you could consider other alternatives of getting the money. If you’re not in a rush or aren’t looking to get in debt, you could decide to start saving up for a few months and then seek for a small loan to buy a certified Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire in Bangalore online or at a dealership near you.

You may also go ahead and proceed to the bank to get a loan from them. To secure the loan, you will need to make sure that your credit records are in order as having a bad credit score will definitely disqualify you from getting the loan you require.

Crafting a payment plan

Seeking for a loan is very easy but the real headache begins when you already have to pay for it, at least, for most people. To avoid the financial pressure and strain, make yourself a payment plan. This should be done once you learn that you’re qualified to get a loan. You need to be able to think long-term, consider how much you’re making, determine how much you’re spending on your basic needs, and identify the amount you will be required to pay for on a monthly basis.

Another option is leasing. CPO programs allow for the leasing of used cars. This way, you only put down a small down payment and then cater for monthly payments until the completion of the contract.