Organic Rankine Cycle systems, commonly known as ORC , present one of the biggest advancements in the field of sustainable technologies. They promise, and deliver, a significant reduction of energy waste for which industrial processes have become known. But there is a lot more to ORC systems, here some of the biggest advantages!


ORC systems are risk-free

Since there are numerous benefits in using ORC systems, they have already been applied in many different sectors, including industrial, medical, energy and aerospace sectors. There haven’t been any major issues with them so far, which is why they are considered to be safe for use, and entirely risk-free.

ORC systems are highly efficient

These systems are designed to work perfectly and deliver the best results. This can all be thanked to a few factors, including the design of both generators and bearings. ORC systems are equipped with variable speed generators, which means they can always work at an optimal speed. Their bearings are self-centering and magnetic, which makes them capable of eliminating any kind of friction between the rotating parts.

ORC systems produce zero emission

Conventional systems tend to have issues with leakage and general emission problems. ORC systems, on the other hand, don’t require lubrication and are hermetically sealed. Also, their working fluid is non-flammable and completely eco-friendly. All this makes for a system with zero emission, which is very important in this day and age.

ORC systems have even smaller auxiliaries

Most conventional systems are both big and heavy, making them harder to work with and apply in different sectors. Hydrocurrent and Thermapower products, on the other hand, are impressively small and light. In addition, they boast modular configuration, and this allows to optimize them easily.